A La Carte (August 18)

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Yesterday I wrote about why you need to push yourself beyond headlines.

Trump Is More In Touch Than You Think

I link to this analysis from Rod Dreher because it seems to make a similar point to mine yesterday. Reading headlines in the news you’d come to one set of conclusions, but reading statistics you’d come to another. In all areas, whether religion or politics, you’ve got to read deeply if you want to have informed beliefs and opinions.

The 11 Beliefs You Should Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses When They Knock at the Door

Just like the title says…

How Geography Gave the US Power (Video)

The US had some geographical advantages that helped shape it into a superpower.

Virtue Signaling as Self-Justification

Good analysis! “Virtue signalers want to appear virtuous, to be considered good and to be affirmed as such by others.  But often they are signaling their virtues to people whom they do not consider virtuous.  Virtue signalers aren’t interested in gaining their approval.  But they are also trying to gain self-approval.  They need to think of themselves as virtuous.”

Preaching Bigger Books in Shorter Series

Here’s one for the preachers. “Let’s say you want to preach from a bigger book, but you like the idea of shorter series – is that possible? Here are a few suggestions…”

Football: America’s Leading False god

From a Canadian perspective I’d tend to agree: Football is America’s leading false god. Or one of them, anyway. “Christian children need the gospel more than football. No amount of physical discipline on the football field can replace the spiritual discipline of deep rooted gospel discipleship, preaching, and teaching. No amount of physical perseverance in life can replace the need for spiritual perseverance in the gospel.”

How 7 Sisters Made a Fortune off Their Rapunzel-Like Hair

What a strange and interesting tale from the past.

Flashback: 3 Keys To a Powerful Prayer Life

Prayer is a tremendous joy and a tremendous blessing but the joy and blessing come through tremendous difficulty. I was reminded of David McIntyre’s counsel as offered in “The Hidden Life of Prayer” and it both encouraged and motivated me to pray and to pray all the more. Here are his 3 keys to a powerful prayer life.

We have a fatal tendency to exaggerate the faults of others and minimize the gravity of our own. —John Stott