A La Carte (August 2)

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(Yesterday on the blog: What Is the Bible, Anyway?)

The Tragic Consequences of the IVF Industry

Christians need to think very clearly about IVF. “As soon as you create new human beings with someone, you are their parent, whether you freeze those children and put them into storage, give them to researchers for experimentation, or enable them to be born. Please, I am begging you, do not contribute to this cavalier treatment of human beings—of your own children.”

Moving Beyond One-Dimensional Sermon Applications

Here’s one for the preachers. “Let’s just get it out there. Preaching is hard. In the midst of all the disputes over preaching, this fact remains undisputed.  Yes, preaching is wonderful and exhilarating.  But, it is also exhausting, frustrating, and difficult. Whether a person has preached one time, or a hundred times, they know this. Why is that? What makes preaching so hard?”

Baptists Don’t Re-Baptize

Mike Leake clarifies why, at their best, Baptists don’t consider themselves re-baptizers.

Church Leaders, Prepare your People for Persecution

This is a very good and very important read from Australia. “Once a government presumes to grant religious freedom, the government can take away religious freedom.” And eventually will.

Essential Latin for Reformed Christians: “Coram Deo”

I don’t remember the exact book, talk, or sermon anymore, but I’m quite sure I first heard the expression ‘coram Deo’ from R.C. Sproul. It means ‘before the face of God.’ It’s an expression I don’t hear too often, but the idea should certainly be well-established in the hearts and minds of all believers.”

A Devotional on Jesus’ Selection of the Twelve

In Mark’s account of the choosing of the 12 (Mark 3:13-19), Jesus goes up on the mountain and then selects men whom He Himself wanted to serve with Him. Drawing from the text, here are four application points to consider devotionally…

How Africa is Becoming China’s China (Video)

This is an interesting look at how and why China has such great influence in much of Africa right now (or, in other words, how Africa has become China’s China).

Flashback: Do Not Envy the Wicked

We can envy the freedom of the wicked who get to do whatever they want to do, who are ultimately accountable to no higher authority than themselves. We can bemoan the many opportunities we have to decline, the many offers we have to refuse. We can forget that “for freedom Christ has set us free.”

True holy war in human history has ceased because Jesus has fought its last episode on the cross. —Karen Jobes