A La Carte (August 22)

I returned from Germany safe and sound and pretty badly jet-lagged. It was a great trip, I learned a lot, and was able to see some of the things I needed to see for my upcoming project. I’ll be embarking on another trip in about a month…

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(Yesterday at the blog I provided 10 Common but Illegitimate Reasons to Divorce.)

Do You Read the Bible Like a Nonbeliever?

John Piper asks the question. “The most basic prayer we can pray about reading the Bible is that God would give us the desire to read this book. Not just the will — that would be next best — but the desire.”

Why I Love the Rural Church

Perhaps God will use this article to give more people a deep love for the forgotten rural churches of the world.

5 Practical Steps for Seeking Wisdom Through Mentorship

Following these five steps is so much better than whining, “I’ve always wanted a mentor but no one has ever stepped up.”

Best Pictures of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

In case you, like me, missed it. See it as a reminder that, once again, God proves himself the greatest artist in the universe.

An Open Letter to Those Debilitated by Their Sexual Sin

David Powlison: “Christ comes with mercy for people who know their sins. His mercy leads to doing simple things that consistently head in the right direction. Do you feel discouraged and defeated by your struggle? Don’t let anyone kid you that there’s some magic answer and somehow you missed it. There are no magic answers. But a Person full of light is willing to walk with you in the direction of the light. He is willing to walk with you the whole way home.”

Feeling Forsaken, But Not Forgotten: An Infertility Story

You may be encouraged by this story.

The Devil’s Glasses

This reads like it’s downstream from the Puritans (which I’m sure it is). “Rather, someone once illustrated temptation in this way. When you are being tempted, the devil sets on your nose a pair of false glasses. These glasses make the sin look so small that you view engaging in it as trivial. How does Satan fool us with lies so that we believe that committing sin will be inconsequential? Here are five of the common ways he distorts our spiritual vision with his lies during temptation.”

Flashback: Faith Hacking: A Simple Method to Organize Your Prayers

Christians have created many patterns and systems to help them as they pray. One of my favorites is John Piper’s model of praying in concentric circles.

Sex is like fire. In the fireplace it keeps us warm. Outside the fireplace it burns down the house. —Ray Ortlund