A La Carte (August 23)

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Westminster Books has a deal on the new (and already-released) volumes in the ESV Expository Commentary series. It gives you a chance to get into the series while it’s still new! (And don’t forget about their other sale on Zondervan titles.)

If I Share The Gospel, I Might Ruin Our Relationship

Many people fear sharing the gospel with friends. “One of the main reasons why many people don’t share the Gospel is because they are afraid that if they do, they will ruin their relationship with that person. They enjoy their friendship, and they think that if they tell them the truth, they will no longer have the same type of relationship as before.” Here are some compelling reasons to overcome that fear.

The Legend of the Lone Pastor

Barry York writes, “I believe that the Lone Pastor is the exception rather than the rule. A man going it alone in ministry is to be the stuff of legends rather than the Biblical model. I hear or even know of too many men struggling and even failing in ministry. One commonality among them is they were having to go it alone. I think congregations, church planting ministries, and mission boards need to reassess the common ministry paradigm of the singular pastorate.”

Celebrating the Legacy of Martyn Lloyd Jones (SPONSORED LINK)

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones came to Westminster Theological Seminary and delivered addresses on Preaching and Preachers that mobilized and molded a whole generation of pastors to preach the Word. This year Westminster’s conference on preaching and preachers is honored to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of those addresses by dedicating our conference on preaching to celebrating the legacy of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. We invite you to join us on Westminster’s campus from Oct. 22-23, 2019, for an event that will refresh and re-equip you in the priority, practice, and power of preaching. Speakers include Kevin DeYoung, Stafford Carson, Jason Meyer, and Harry Reeder.

The Skill of Living in the Future

“Wisdom does not promise an easy life, and it does not promise that our alertness to the future will ward off all unfavorable consequences to our decisions. But it is the best path because it ends in life. When the future is ignored, we find regrets, traffic tickets, possessions and money being more important than people, personal desires that are unwilling to be questioned, all addictions, all infidelity, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, anger that wins a battle but loses a relationship. And it only gets worse, because when we don’t keep an eye on the future the path typically ends in death.”

Shocking Sorrow, Sweet Surprise, and Sacred Invitations

“It is a unique gift to experience community this way. To lose concern for self or social standing in someone else’s moment. And yet the power of these moments and my place within them cause me to pause and consider what he’s revealing of himself to me.”

The Near Crash of Air Canada Flight 759

I found this an interesting read on the failures that almost caused the worst aviation accident in history.

Easy Come, Easy Go

There are some basic but still good thoughts on Christians and money here.

Is The ‘Autism Epidemic’ Real?

I have wondered (as you probably have) about the massive rise in diagnoses of autism in recent years. Here’s one explanation. “According to the authors of a new study, the astonishing explosion in the number of diagnosed cases of autism is the result of a broadening of the definition of what counts as ‘autism’ — so much so that the differences between people diagnosed with autism and the rest of the population are shrinking.”

Flashback: When It’s Time To Remember All the Stupid Things You’ve Said

When you hear how others have spoken idly of you, don’t over-react. A moment’s reflection will remind you that you’ve done the very same thing a million times over.

Jesus taught extensively about money, not because he wanted a handout but because he wanted our hearts. —Jamie Dunlop