A La Carte (August 3)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

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Today’s Kindle deals include another good-sized list of books.

Westminster Books has ESVs on sale this week. You’ll also find a discount on a book meant to provide daily liturgies.

(Yesterday on the blog: Seasons of Sorrow: A Special Pre-Order Offer)

A Crucial Court Case Exposes the Darkness of America’s Worst Industry

This is difficult to read, but important at the same time. Let’s not allow ourselves to be fooled about the reality of pornography.

From Rage to Repentance

“Hamid unexpectedly walked in just as the service was beginning. At once I felt anxious chills in the back of my head and neck, my body’s way of telling me that it feels threatened.” Here’s an encouraging dispatch from Central Asia.

Whip the Devil with the Golden Chain

“Foreknew <=> Predestined <=> Called <=> Justified <=> Glorified. These five words capture the drama of redemption. The salvation God gives is all-encompassing—we are cocooned into the grace of God from eternity past to eternity future. Each link is an act of God to bring us into his grace, keep us in his grace, and bring us into eternal life on the New Earth. Grace upon grace.”

How to become a Calvinist in 5 easy steps:

This is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek (yet also not altogether unheard of) way to become a Calvinist.

A community response to an adverse event

“Recently I was attacked while walking along a beach near our friends’ place out of town.” Thankfully Tamie was not hurt. In this article she relays how justice and restitution can look different in a different culture.

Look for Your Moral Blind Spots

“We all have blind spots preventing us from pursuing true, biblical justice.” This article at STR explains why it’s important to look for our own moral blind spots.

Flashback: The Utter Devastation of Sin

Sin isn’t here for a moment and then gone. No, sin is so evil that it leaves its lingering scent behind.