Seasons of Sorrow: A Special Pre-Order Offer

I recently announced my forthcoming book Seasons of Sorrow: The Pain of Loss and the Comfort of God. In the weeks and months that followed the death of my son Nick, I wrote a series of meditations, some of which I shared through this blog, but many of which I did not. As that first year drew to a close and I came to the first anniversary, I wrote one final meditation, then sent it all to my publisher in the hope that it would be able to bless and serve others. The result is Seasons of Sorrow which will be published on September 13. The book is not a thorough theology of grief or an exhaustive tome on suffering, but neither is it meant to be. It is a real-time, first-person, present-tense series of reflections on the pain that comes with loss and the comfort that God provides. It is my fervent prayer that it will give help, hope, and comfort to others who are enduring hardship as well as to those who may be seeking to help them.

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SoS BonusToday I want to tell you about a pre-order offer that we’ve just managed to put together. If you pre-order the book through Westminster Books, you will also receive a printed edition of some supplemental material (while supplies last—one per order). It includes additional chapters along with some especially meaningful quotes and poems from other authors. This has all been printed as a softcover book that combines the words with some beautiful images. It’s a neat little product in its own right that settles nicely alongside the book. (If you have already pre-ordered through Westminster Books, you will receive it automatically.)

Once again, the request from the publisher is this: If you intend to order the book anyway, please consider pre-ordering it as this helps the retailers gauge interest in it.

Please also consider joining Alistair Begg, CityAlight, and yours truly at a special launch event in Nashville.

If you choose to pre-order the book elsewhere or prefer non-printed material, you can still receive the bonus book in a downloadable format through the Seasons of Sorrow site. Simply fill out the small form there and it will be sent to you.