A La Carte (August 30)

May the Lord be with you and bless today, my friends.

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On sale this week at Westminster Books is a new book by one of my favorite writers, Samuel James.

The Unexpected Story of Miguel Núñez

I very much enjoyed this long-form article about the life, ministry, and influence of Miguel Núñez.

The List on the Door

“We kept a list inside our pantry door when we lived in the mountains. It was an evacuation list. And like the earthquake supplies we stored under the stairs, I kept it updated, just in case.” Andrea goes on to think about evacuation lists and both earthly and heavenly treasure.

“One of the greatest of the Reformed orthodox.”—Carl R. Trueman

The translation of Petrus Van Mastricht’s Theoretical-Practical Theology into English gives us a window into one of the greatest minds in Reformed theology. “His grasp of the tradition, his ability to interact with contemporary issues, and his careful articulation of orthodoxy exemplify the best of Protestant theology after the Reformation.” (Carl Trueman) (Sponsored Link)

A Subtle Attack Against Motherhood

This one is very much worth thinking about. “There is a trend in social media that makes it seem as though we are fighting our way through the torture of raising children, as if they are like an enemy. Culture tells us that their needs are a burden, their inexperience in life is something to make fun of, and their emotional meltdowns are viral content for entertainment.”

Fit for Office: How Some Exercise Extends Ministry

“As with any topic related to Christian living, discussing physical exercise in the life of a pastor runs the risk of twin dangers: legalism and antinomianism. Those two terms are tricky to understand and apply, but my point is hopefully simple: the antinomian pastor doesn’t think he is under much obligation to look after his body, whereas the pastor given to legalistic tendencies in this area has many commands on how to stay fit and healthy.”

The baobab: The strangest tree on Earth

CMI takes a look at the strangest tree on earth.

Communication by Design

Andrew considers an especially powerful example of good design and applies it to pastoral ministry.

Flashback: Grandchildren Are the Crown of the Aged

It’s one thing to have children who imitate their parents and walk in wisdom, but another still to have grandchildren who do the same.

God will either give us what we ask for in prayer or give us what we would have asked for if we knew everything he knows. —Tim Keller