A La Carte (December 1)

The beginning of a new month is just the right time to consider that right now, today, at this very moment, God is reigning upon his throne.

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You Can’t Channel Him Because He’s Not Dead

Anne Kennedy: “A dear and wonderful friend sent me an article about the most fantastical religious trend I think I’ve come across to date. In all my wandering around the cyber highways and byways of American religious culture, I have clicked on a lot of surprising beliefs and hashtags, but this one beats them all.”

Ten Reasons Why Nursing Homes Are Great Places to Minister

Here’s a fairly thorough explanation of why nursing homes are a very good place for churches to minister.

As Long as it is Called Today

I am really thankful for this strong call away from procrastination. It turns out I needed to read it…

22 Questions That Reveal Character

“It’s hard to discern a potential leader’s character, even in our native cultures. Unlike physical features, the terrain of character is invisible, demonstrated over time through a person’s life.” Here’s a series of questions that can help, no matter your culture or place.

Holiness Means More Than Killing Sin

This is a helpful article from Sinclair Ferguson about putting sin to death and coming alive to righteousness. (For more of Ferguson’s thoughts on the subject, you can read his excellent book Devoted to God.)

Bask in Your Identity

“Is it selfish and self-centred to spend time reflecting on and enjoying the new identity we receive in Christ? I’ve sometimes heard people suggest it is. To do so, some would claim, is to put ourselves at the centre rather than God. It is to imply that we are more important than him, and that the gospel is about us rather than about God. To focus on ourselves is to come perilously close to the very heart of sin – putting something other than God in God’s place.”

Flashback: Services Shaped Like an Hourglass

We begin our service distracted, narrow our focus to Jesus Christ, then broaden our gaze to living in this world for God’s glory. We do it again the next week, and again the week after that.

At the point when we begin to think of God as being anything other than holy is the moment we are imagining a completely different god altogether. —Jackie Hill Perry