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A La Carte (December 16)

I’m really thankful for Andy Naselli’s encouraging review of Do More Better. While he was already well-organized and productive, he lays out some specific ways he found it helpful. Also, the book is now available in Audiobook format.


Here’s a new page and video from John Piper and Desiring God. Piper models how to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

Star Wars and the Ancient Religion

Peter Jones writes about the worldview implications of the new Star Wars film. “The appearance of a new episode of the Star Wars film series is an important moment for Christian witness.”

The Uniqueness of Christian Parenting

This is a top-notch article from Jason Helopoulos. “Christian parenting is an odd endeavor and Christian parents are a rare breed. Here are some of the things that make Christian parenting a unique thing in this fallen world…”

Striving for a More Intentional Life of Prayer

Erik Raymond lays out one way (though certainly not the only way) to have an intentional life of prayer.

A Day in the Life of Americans

This is an amazing data visualization.

This Day in 1867. 148 years ago today, missionary to India Amy Carmichael was born. *

Can You Read My Lips?

This is a really interesting video about the experience and day-to-day challenges of deafness.

Wheaton College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor

You may have heard of the Wheaton College professor who decided to wear a hijab to show Advent solidarity with Muslims and who made some startling comments about Islam. Christianity Today tells about the college’s response.


There is nothing in the law of God that will rob you of happiness; it only denies you that which would cost you sorrow.

—C.H. Spurgeon

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    This giveaway is sponsored by Moody Publishers. Attention all Bible scholars, believers in the power of faith, and lovers of the Word! Learn about God’s divine mercy and compassion with our exclusive Bible Study Giveaway. Win the ultimate bible study library including Overflowing Mercies by author and Bible teacher Craig Allen Cooper. This giveaway also…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (May 24)

    A La Carte: To sit in the threat of loss / The world cannot be gender blind / The missing years / Too much times / Finding freedom in God’s providence / The weighted vest of pastoral ministry / A micro course for pastors / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (May 23)

    A La Carte: How a wife entrusts her husband to God / Everyone has their own facts now / A better way to look at missions / The secret of contentment / Hospitality—a command for our joy / Are you barely hanging on? / and more.

  • Redeeming Sex in Marriage

    Redeeming Sex in Marriage

    Surely few things in this world are more mysterious than sex. Surely few things give such clear evidence that there must be more to them than the sum of their parts. On the one level, sex is a simple biological function that exists to populate the earth with human beings. On the other level, it…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (May 22)

    A La Carte: What should we think about paedocommunion? / Ten questions for readers of erotica / You are an influencer / Do you believe your pasture’s green? / Adam poisoned me / Kindle and Logos deals / and more.