A La Carte (December 16)

Grace and peace to you, my friends.

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Christian Word of the Year: Winsome

Stephen McAlpine considers a word that showed up a lot this year. “It’s everywhere you look at the moment. So please step forward ‘winsome’ and take a bow. You’ve been over-used, over-realised, under-appreciated, over-stated, undered and overed, and whatever else can happen to a poor old lonesome winsome word in these topsy turvy times.”

The Case for Taking Video Games Seriously

I think Patrick Miller makes a good case here. “Mainstream Christian discourse rarely moves past this single note. Critical engagement with games is largely absent in major Christian publications. Moreover, writing seriously about games is a credibility killer. While few look askance when a critic describes a Terrence Malick film as ‘cinematic wisdom literature,’ a serious video game review results in awkward looks.”

A Letter to My Old Self

Blake writes a letter to his old self—probably quite a helpful exercise.

20 Questions a Husband Should Ask His Wife About Their Kids

If you’re the kind who likes to consider things very deliberately and formally, this list of questions may appeal and generate some good discussion.

Having Biblical expectations of our work

“Many people have started to reassess their work this year; it has become known as the Great Resignation. After the impact of COVID led to many working from home, then part-time in an office, it has given people time to think. And, on reflection, many people discovered that they were dissatisfied with their work.” Simon reflects on this and says it reveals something important about our hearts.

Deus absconditus

“‘Silence is violence,’ we are told—to not speak on a particular issue is to perpetrate violence against those affected by it. If that is true, how then do we cope with the silence of God? In the midst of our pain and our struggle, is his silence an act of violence against his people?”

Flashback: Faith Children’s Village: A Ministry You Should Know

Faith Children’s Village in Kitwe, Zambia, exists to lead children into a relationship with Jesus Christ and disciple them to be Christ-like in actions and attitudes and to equip each child with life skills that will allow them to become productive Christian citizens.

We will generally find that when we cry out in distress, he doesn’t remove us from our suffering, but brings brothers and sisters from our church family into our troubles, to carry us when we’re too weak to stand up ourselves. —Richard Coekin