A La Carte (February 1)

There are lots of Kindle deals to kick off the new month (including my book Do More Better).

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Free from Christian Audio this month is my favorite recording of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Several other books by or about Bunyan are discounted.

Free from Logos this month is a volume in the excellent New Studies in Biblical Theology series. Spend another $5 (click and scroll down) and you can add two more volumes.

(Yesterday on the blog: Am I Judged for My Productivity in Sharing the Gospel?)

Walking in Wisdom toward Outsiders

“Christians often wrestle with how to balance grace and truth in our interaction with non-believers.” Indeed, we do. Here’s some guidance from Dennis Johnson.

The Husband of One Wife (Video)

Al Mohler answers questions about the elder qualification that states “he must be the husband of one wife.” (SBTS: Great job taking excerpts from Dr Mohler’s longer Ask Anything sessions; these are great!)

The Apostle Paul: A 5-Day Devotional (Sponsored Link)

Enduring many trial and much suffering, the apostle Paul is known for his bold proclamation of the saving grace of Jesus until his death. Be encouraged to imitate his example of unwavering confidence in God’s sovereign grace with the 5-day devotional based on John Piper’s new book, Why I Love the Apostle Paul: 30 Reasons.

A Real Live Slippery Slope in Action for All to See

Stephen McAlpine writes about abortion: “All this has told us is that when the culture went over the end of the slope nearly five decades ago on this, the rope they rappelled with did not contain an ethical knot in the end of it to break their fall. Which leaves us with the question: Where does this thing bottom out?” (Meanwhile, David French says Yes, the Virginia Abortion Bill Is Just as Barbaric as You’ve Heard.) (Also, read about Ben Sasse’s proposed legislation to protect abortion survivors.)

To the Church on Valentine’s Day

I enjoyed Lisa LaGeorge’s helpful letter to the church on (or before, I guess) Valentine’s Day. “How should the church respond to the single in their midst? I ask this question not as a criticism, but rather as an encouragement to all members of the Body. I offer these suggestions to promote empathy and leadership for the encouragement and building up of the whole Church–single and married. I say this as a part of you, to promote you, because I love you.”

Moms, It Is Our Privilege

Kristen Wetherell wrote an article I was working on! “On hard days of mothering, it’s easy to see it purely as a type of suffering, rather than a blessed privilege. And it is a type of suffering. Motherhood is tough. It requires us to give up our plans in favor of what our kids need most. It demands our preferences for theirs. It’s strenuous on our bodies as we carry babies and hoist toddlers, and it tests our hearts as we soak up tears, discipline in love, and spend ourselves for little immediate return.”

Remarkable, Ordinary Churches

Writing for TGC Canada, Darryl Dash celebrates ordinary, faithful churches.

The Main Thing Is The Main Thing

In all the talk about mission strategy, it’s important to keep the main thing the main thing. “Everything else, all the discussions about strategy and such like are secondary to this simple reality. Mission is about bearing witness to Jesus; telling his story and pointing people to him. Everything else is just details.”

Flashback: Run! Run Away!

The Bible does not tell you to amble, meander, lope, or trot from your sin. It tells you to flee.

Ah, here is the great difference between the unregenerate and the regenerate: the one harden themselves in their sin, the other are broken before God on account of it. —A.W. Pink