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A La Carte (February 14)

A La Carte Collection cover image

Here is your occasional reminder of two matters. The first is that all of the quote graphics I have ever posted are available for free at The second is that much of my content is available in Spanish at Volvamos al Evangelio.

Westminster Books has an Easter-related resource discounted for cheap and easy distribution.

He Knows the Mysteries of the Womb

This is tragic and stirring writing from Madelyn.

Render Unto Caesar Challenges Us All, Left and Right Alike

Here is a really thought-provoking (and slightly contrarian) article from Steve Kneale. He levels a challenge for culture warriors and social justice warriors alike. “There will be ways in which Jesus’ teaching on civil engagement challenges all of us. Submission to government, and seeking to live peaceful and quiet lives, will necessarily mean that we submit to all manner of laws that we simply don’t like. Some of them we may even find egregious impositions on us. There were, after all, few laws more galling to the Jews than paying a poll tax to an occupying force using blasphemous coinage!”

You Can’t Reclaim the Culture by Having More Kids

“‘The best thing conservatives can do to reclaim the culture is have a bunch of kids and homeschool them.’ This is a quote from a prominent conservative commentator from a few years ago, but one can find a similar sentiment on a frequent basis on your social medium of choice. It’s an inspiring idea, consonant with the rising pronatalism conservatives are trying to stir up. More importantly, it adds a smug feeling of demographic inevitability to Christian practice: We will win because we’re going to outnumber them by doing the things we love doing anyway!”

God’s Ordinary Faithfulness

“God chooses what is foolish. (Read there, ‘God uses you and me.’) God chooses what is weak. (Read there, ‘God uses you and me.’) It’s amazing how God, in His ordinary faithfulness, uses weak and foolish people like you and me.” It is, indeed!

A Gospel Worthy of Risk

Dave Harvey says (and shows) that the gospel is worthy of risk. And, of course, he encourages us to take risks for it.

Bible Animal Trivia for the Whole Family

This one is written for younger readers, but still enjoyable for the not-so-young.

Flashback: What Do Hitmen and Porn Watchers Have in Common?

Maybe it’s time we stop acting as if viewing pornography is a wholly different crime from commissioning it, creating it, or participating in it.

Painfully, suffering is almost a prerequisite if we are going to be of much use to other people. It makes us far more compassionate.

—Tim Keller

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