A La Carte (February 16)

Good morning! Grace be with you today.

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Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of books that may be of special interest to those who are academically-inclined.

(Yesterday on the blog: A February Family Update)

If I Were Starting A Denomination From Scratch

Paul Carter has some ideas about how he’d begin a new denomination. I agree with a lot of the points he makes here.

Preach The Difficult Sermon

This is, indeed, a temptation for pastors. “We know what our people want to hear, so we tickle their itching ears with sermons that appeal to their comfort. We preach sermons about the sins out there, we rant and rave about society or the news media or politicians who are leading us further into moral demise. Our people love to hear those sermons. But there is one glaring problem when we preach to people outside of our church. The people who need to hear the sermon are not there.”

Evaluating Our Responses to the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

Randy Alcorn spent some time evaluating some of the common responses to the Ravi Zacharias scandal and responds to them here. (While on the subject of Zacharias, David French wrote a long article about it that is difficult to read, but probably still worth doing so.)

Thank God for His Work in Nigeria

I have heard quite a lot of concerns and complaints about the state of the church in Nigeria. In this article, Eleazar Maduka expresses some of his gratitude for what God is doing.

Four Reasons I Binned All My Quotes For Preaching

I don’t know that you necessarily need to bin all your quotes for preaching, but I do think many preachers rely on other people’s quotes too much. Learn to say it in your own words! (The same is true of bloggers, by the way.)

What Is Christianity?

This new little video from Christianity Explored offers a short, well-made presentation of the gospel.

Flashback: Procrastination Is a Failure to Love

Procrastination is a failure to love—a failure to love others. And this is exactly what makes procrastination such an ugly and offensive sin. It is inherently self-centered. It is a form of self-love.

It is not poverty, but discontent that makes a man unhappy. —Matthew Henry