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A La Carte (May 24)


The God of love and peace be with you today.

(Yesterday on the blog: My Heart Longs for Justice (Kind of))

The reckoning of the Lord

Here is Al Mohler’s response to the report issues by Guidepost Solutions about abuse in the SBC. “I am writing this essay in one of the most difficult moments ever experienced by my beloved denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. Considering the historical roots of the SBC, that is quite a statement, but it is true. It is a moment long in coming and it is not over.”

Hearing the Warning of the SBC

Samuel James makes some crucial observations about the report as well. “The consistent, pervasive, unifying, and unavoidable theme of the report is the desire by several SBC leaders to preserve the indemnity and reputation of the denomination above all else.”

More Powerful Than the Hate That Divides

This article was helpful in helping me better understand the recent shooting in Laguna Woods and its background—the antipathy between some Taiwanese people and people from mainland China.

How this Christian is responding to the Federal Election

Australia has just elected a new government and here is one Christian reflecting on what it means and how he will respond. What he says about the Anglican Prayer Book is especially thought-provoking.

3 Ways to Stay Focused While Praying

Doug Eaton offers some help from D.A. Carson.

Introducing Spring 2022 Eikon

CBMW has released a new issue of their journal Eikon. It offers lots of interesting reading!

Flashback: What Jesus Does Not Pray

We can have no confidence we will be preserved from falling into times of persecution, but every confidence we will be kept from falling into the evil hands of the one who, for now, is the prince of this world.

We trust as we love, and we trust where we love; if you love Christ much surely you will trust Him much.

—Thomas Brooks

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