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A La Carte (February 4)


Grace and peace to you this morning!

Today’s Kindle deals are highlighted by an excellent book by Jared Wilson and several titles published by Crossway.

(Yesterday on the blog: Learn the Lesson of Aaron’s Oily Beard)

Is there a Pattern to the Bible’s Miracles?

Here’s a neat little graphic that displays at what point in redemptive history the Bible’s different miracles occur.

The Fear of “Phobic”

It seems like every year brings a few new “phobias” that we can be accused of. “Although a phobia has been historically understood to be a fear of something (e.g., arachnophobia is a fear of spiders), adding the suffix today is intended to signal that you hold a bigoted view on that subject…and that’s bad. You’re supposed to be so afraid of being labeled phobic that you’ll change your position or, at least, never express it again in public. If you do, prepare to be canceled.”

Economics for Church Leaders: How Minimum-Wage Laws Affect the Poor

It would be easy to think that an increase in minimum wage is necessarily and automatically going to benefit the poor. But, as is so often the case, it’s not quite so simple, as Joe Carter explains here.

We’ve Inherited More, But That Doesn’t Make Us Better

“I have a lot. A lot that was given to me by those who went before me. So as I look back on them, I shouldn’t assume that they were lesser people, simply because they had less than I do. I am not a better man, just because I have better technology.”

3 Ethical Issues In Technology To Watch For In 2021

And speaking of technology and the fact that it doesn’t necessarily make us better, here is a look at three ethical issues related to technology that may come to a head in 2021.

Why You Should Never ‘Unsubscribe’ From Illicit Spam Emails and Texts

And sticking once more to the theme of technology, here’s why you should not unsubscribe from those illicit spam emails and texts you no doubt receive. “As these spammers blast out millions of texts or emails every day, they aren’t actually targeting you specifically—in fact, they might not know if your email or phone number is even valid. They are looking for signs of an active account, however, as a valid email address or phone number is valuable for conducting further scams.”

An Introduction To Honour And Shame

This is a brief, helpful introduction to honor and shame and their centrality to many non-Western cultures. “Those who have grown up in the East know full well what honour and shame are. They are foundational to most Eastern cultures. In essence, it means that your actions impact your reputation and the reputation of your family.”

Flashback: The Character of the Christian: Sound Judgment

The sober-minded man is clear-headed and watchful, free from excesses and wild fluctuations in thinking and ideas. This trait allows him to keep alert so he can protect himself and others from any kind of spiritual danger. He is not rash, but thoughtful.

We cannot imitate a God whose features and habits we have never learned. We must make a study of him if we want to become like him. We must seek his face.

—Jen Wilkin

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