A La Carte (February 7)

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty diverse collection. (Your Days are Numbered and Jesus Wins are both especially highly recommended.)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Epic Is Now Available for Pre-Order)

Naming Names

It is sometimes okay and even necessary to call out false teachers and fugitives from church justice.

Are You Too Sensitive?

Elisha Galotti: “If you’re a sensitive person, you’ve probably noticed how God can use your sensitive heart for good, but also how oversensitivity can be destructive. Those of us who are sensitive often experience both: we know good sensitive but also too sensitive—bad sensitive.”

A Film For The Whole Family

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The Cost of Caffeine

I enjoyed this article/interview about caffeine and its benefits and drawbacks. This is interesting to consider: “For most of us, to be caffeinated to one degree or another has simply become baseline human consciousness…”

The Faces of Choice Video Reminds Us Abortion Is About a Child, Not a Choice

Randy Alcorn: “I have met abortion survivors who have told me their stories, just as I have met people conceived in horrific acts of rape and incest. In each case these were precious people, made in the image of God, with the same value in His sight, and the same right to live as the rest of us.”

Dark Kitchens (Video)

When you order food via UberEats and similar services, where does it actually come from? The answer is complicated…

Sex and the Married Missionary

While the specific audience of this article is missionaries, there’s a lot to ponder for all married folk. “A healthy, mutually enjoyable sex life is a good thing and is worth pursuing. It won’t make everything rainbows and butterflies, but it is a great mediator for the hard times, making things a little less awful.”

Back at Square One with Sexual Sin

Here is hope for those who sometimes feel like they are “back at square one” with the battle against sexual sin.

Flashback: It Takes Two

Gossip is not only a sin of the mouth, but also a sin of the ears. It takes two: the one who speaks and the one who listens.

If another fall and hurt himself, your business is to help him up and not to tread upon him. —Richard Baxter