A La Carte (January 10)

Grace and peace to you on this fine Monday.

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How Do We Process the Scariest Passage in All of Scripture?

Justin Dillehay: “It’s frightening to think about going to hell. It’s even more frightening to find out too late that you’re going to hell when you thought you were going to heaven. And still more frightening to think that not just a few, but ‘many’ will have this experience.”

Why Does God Hide Himself from Christians?

I really appreciate John Piper’s answer to this question. “Let me repeat the very, very crucial central statement that he made. He said this: ‘So God never forsakes his people, but he sometimes withdraws from them the sweetness of communion with him. He hides his face, as the psalmist says in about a dozen places.’ His question is, Why would God do that to his own children?”

How “Conversion Therapy” Bans Are Akin to Apostasy Laws

Joe Carter explains how conversion therapy bans, which are cropping up in a number of jurisdictions, are akin to Islamic apostasy laws.

Rejoicing in Suffering

Guy Richard considers rejoicing in suffering. “In some way, by his own admission, Paul’s sufferings were ‘for your sake.’ In other words, they accomplished something in the lives of the Christians to whom Paul was writing. Looking back on his suffering, Paul was able to see that, and, for this reason, he rejoiced. But what exactly did Paul see?”

7 Things the Prophets Might Say To Us

Peter Mead considers the Old Testament prophets and asks, “I wonder what they would say if they travelled through time and visited our churches today? What would they say to us preachers? Here are seven quick thoughts to ponder, feel free to add more.”

Why Does the Book of Acts End So Abruptly?

The book of Acts ends very abruptly. Why?

Flashback: Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging (or Why You Should Consider Starting)

Here are some of the benefits you may experience if you maintain your own blog (instead of only ever submitting material to the major ministry blogs).