A La Carte (January 15)

May the God of peace be with you today as you live in his world for his glory.

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Westminster Books is offering a deal on a new book for young children.

Today’s Kindle deals include the rest of the John Stott Bible Studies series, along with a few other good choices.

Ministry With, Not Merely To

This is an important point: “The church ministers with, not merely to, people with developmental disabilities. People with such disabilities also minister with, not merely to, the rest of the body.”

Locked Down for 38 Years

I loved learning about Marie Durand and visiting some of the key locations from her life during my EPIC travels. For that reason and others I enjoyed this little article about her.

Charismatics Are At War With Each Other

I was fascinated to learn that many charismatics are at war with one another over failed prophecies of a Trump victory. “Privately and on social media, these prophets and their thousands of followers are slugging it out in an orgy of self-blame, recriminations and fantastical hopes that somehow before Jan. 20, God will bring about a victory for Trump.”

How Counting Can Ruin a Ministry

Indeed, it can and very often does.

No Strings Attached

“There is simple kindness, among few, in the art of gift-giving. An offering presented with joy and weightlessness; a smile of anticipation in the knowing of the goodness to be shared.”

Obeying God without Compromise

You may enjoy this brief biographical sketch of William Booth (or, at least, of one important anecdote from his life).

An Open Letter to a Discouraged Saint

Mike Emlet: “You see, what is most true, most real, most compelling, (and most long-lasting) about your life are not the multiple places of suffering, nor your two-steps-forward, one-step-back battle against particular sins. What is most foundationally true is that you are a beloved child of the Father, a co-heir with Jesus Christ. You are a saint! Yes, it’s true!”

Flashback: The Easiest Sin to Justify

The responsibility for your unrighteous anger does not fall on anyone but you. There is no excuse for this sin or any other. Thankfully–praise God–there is forgiveness for those who confess and repent.

There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice. —John Calvin