A La Carte (January 27)

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.

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All My Not-Enoughness

Britt reflects on her “not-enoughness” in this poignant article.

Caesar Said to Brutus

Zach and Maggie (whom you’ll recognize from The Gettys’ live shows) have released a fun and quirky album. Here’s a video from it. You can find the full album on all the usual apps and platforms.

Come, Lord Jesus by John Piper

Crossway has published an important new book by John Piper entitled Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Second Coming of Christ. For the launch, Desiring God has partnered with Westminster Bookstore to offer the hardcover edition at 40% off. (Sponsored Link)

Pastors Around the World Apply Romans 13

I found this article from Elliott Clark very interesting. “I reached out to church leaders from around the world, asking how they apply Paul’s command to ‘be subject to the governing authorities’ (Rom. 13:1). These believers hail from all sorts of countries—where persecution is overt and political or more social, where Christians are an extreme minority or nominalism is normal, where there’s relative peace and security or rampant political instability.”

Some Thoughts on the Dating of the Book of Revelation

Kim Riddlebarger considers the dating of the book of Revelation.

If We Do Not Give Up

“How long must a wife bear witness to Christ before her unbelieving husband? How long must parents pray for a child who hasn’t trusted Christ? Why does so much sowing not result in reaping? Why do the due seasons seem to come later than we’d expect, if ever?”

Ivan Provorov and the Pressure to Punish LGBT+ Dissent

Trevin Wax: “Why are these battles so heated? Why do so many in our society demand everyone show their support for LGBT+ causes? Why the insistence on preferred pronouns? Why the expectation there will be ‘consequences’ for someone who, out of religious conviction, respectfully dissents from the prevailing view?”

Flashback: A Few Practical Pointers on Marriage

No one is more harmed by your sin and no one is more blessed by your sanctification than your spouse. If you love your husband or wife, then give them the gift of holiness. Be holy for the benefit of that person you love the most.

A man has no more right at table to talk all than to eat all. —C.H. Spurgeon