A La Carte (12/15)

Friday December 15, 2006

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Music: Matthew Smith is now streaming his new album (the whole album!) at purevolume. It’s good album, so give it a listen. You can now buy it from his site or from iTunes.

Weird: Here is a good reason to avoid playing too many video games.

Even Weirder: Is your son gay? Maybe you fed him too much soy as a baby. If you are male and eating soy, “you’re suppressing your masculinity and stimulating your ‘female side,’ physically and mentally.”

Entertainment: Ask Yahoo tells us just how much television the average American watches in a lifetime. It is now the third-most common human activity after work and sleep. Imagine if we prayed as much as we watch TV.

Books: John Piper’s latest book, “When the Darkness Will Not Lift,” is now available from Crossway. The book deals with depression in Christians.