A La Carte (July 10)

Today’s Kindle deals include several important books from Crossway.

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Stage Fright

A video has been making the rounds that shows a ballet performance during a service at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York. Wes Bredenhof sets this in historical context and makes an astute observation: “This performance would only be possible in a church building with a stage. Your traditional Reformed church building with a large pulpit occupying the center of attention would never accommodate a ballet trio.”

Husband, Lift Up Your Eyes

This is a quirky but challenging article from John Piper. He explains how he has remained faithful to his wife not only in deed but also desire.

Why the iPhone Can’t Be Made in the US (Video)

This video explains why it’s very unlikely that iPhone production in the US could ever be successful.


Ligonier Ministries recently hosted an #AskRC Twitter event. You can see his brief answers to questions here.

A Free Series on Martin Luther and the Reformation

For one week only, download R.C. Sproul’s 10-part series on the life of Martin Luther and the gospel he recovered during the Reformation for free. (This is a sponsored link.)

$1 Around the World (Video)

Here’s what $1 will buy you around the world.

The Survival of a Southern Baptist

CNN has quite a long profile of Russell Moore, focusing on his comments on President Trump and the subsequent fallout.

Flashback: The Message That Counters Everything

My family has been warned by gay people not to take our kids anywhere near the Pride Parade because of what it would expose them to. Yet our culture celebrates LGBTTIQQ2SA and mocks the gospel. In a world of crazy ideas, the gospel sounds like the craziest one of all. Why?

It’s not so much faith in Christ that saves, but Christ who saves through faith. —B.B. Warfield