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You Will Regret Giving In

Garrett Kell: “When you face temptation, you enter a battle even more dangerous than having a rattler striking at your face. The Scriptures liken Satan not only to a snake but a crouching lion who is provoking passions within us that war against our souls (Genesis 3:1–6, 4:7; 1 Peter 2:11; 5:8). We must choke temptation to death. It is the only way out.”

Have a Little Patience

No one anywhere likes to wait for things. There is almost nothing in our material world that we can’t get immediately. I can have something as insignificant as a pack of toothpicks delivered to my door in two hours. So naturally, we begin to expect similar immediate results in other areas—even ministry and discipleship. It’s not intentional, and we know that ministry doesn’t work that way, but the slow and erratic nature of spiritual growth is in complete contrast to the rest of our lives.”

The Missional Conviction of Paul Washer

In this new episode of the MinistryNetwork Podcast (available in video and audio formats), Paul Washer speaks about his childhood, tells how the Lord saved him and called him to ministry, explains why weakness is strength, and explores the role of conviction in ministry. In previous episodes, you’ll hear fascinating interviews with Rosaria Butterfield as she discusses hospitality (audiovideo) and COVID-19 (audiovideo). And subscribe to be notified of new episodes featuring Steve Lawson, Rachael Denhollander, and others. (Want to learn more about MinistryNetwork? Visit our site.) (Sponsored Link)

The Logistics of Covid-19 Testing (Video)

Here’s an interesting video on the complex and massive logistics of Covid-19 testing. (Perhaps see also What It Would Take to Reach Herd Immunity)

The Worst Sunday, The Best Sunday

Darryl Dash tells about the worst/best Sunday he’s had in a long time. “I’m weary of all the controversies about masks and civil disobedience. I’m not about to pronounce what other churches should do. All I know is that, all things considered, not meeting together is abnormal, and the sooner we can see our way back (with all the wisdom and prudence we can muster), the better. And if that means a glitchy Sunday or two, it’s worth it.”

Videos of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

There are a few videos of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Justin Taylor rounds them up here. They include “some excerpts from family home videos, two interviews he conducted in his retirement, and a documentary he filmed about George Whitefield.”

Enjoying God Is a Command

Enjoying God is not meant to be optional for the Christian as Sinclair Ferguson so ably explains here.

Leading by Honoring

There are a couple of lines in this one that jumped out at me as it talks about creating a culture of honor in a church.

Flashback: Why We Fail at Family Devotions

It is easier to not do devotions at all than to do them simply. Don’t fall into that trap. Word and prayer are enough. Word and prayer are awesome. Make the fact that you do them more important than how you do them.

When our vision is constantly occupied by small things, we are tempted to yawn more at the glory of God. —Jared Wilson