A La Carte (July 9)

Whether it’s a vacation or a staycation (still one of my least-favorite words), it’s awfully good to take some time off, isn’t it? That’s what I’ve been doing this week—queuing up everything in advance, so I can just step away. Thanks for bearing with me!

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(Yesterday on the blog: Today I Will Live Like a Christian)

The High Stakes of a Hard Heart

Jen Oshman says it well. “No one wakes up with a sudden urge to divorce, or embezzle, or murder. Those urges start out with seemingly small, selfish acts. The selfishness grows like a snowball in the corners of our hearts where no one sees. But if it’s not stopped, it will roll and roll into an avalanche and cause real destruction.”

Why We Need a Solid Foundation for Navigating the Ethics of Big Tech

Jason Thacker is right when he says that we need a solid foundation for navigating the complex ethics of big tech. “People from across the political spectrum are rightfully concerned about how these tools are being used but lack a common ethical framework to engage these weighty, and often thorny, issues with wisdom.”

What Does a Christian Need to Grow?

I guess the important word here is “need.” “We all have so many ideas about what we need to grow. Conferences abound – they’re good aren’t they? – and there are all the worthy books you might read, they’re surely helpful? Some people are into blogs and podcasts too. Such vital media are surely valuable, are they not? But, honestly, no. Not ‘no’ as in, they’re not valuable. All these things might be valuable. But no, you don’t need them to grow.”

Truth Exists Whether We Know It or Not (Video)

Jon Noyes of Stand to Reason answers the question “What is truth?”

Help! I Find Myself Perpetually Discontent

Erik Raymond: “Too often, we are discontent. We remain unsatisfied. This conclusion, made famous by Augustine, says that we were created by God and for God and that we cannot find rest until we find rest in him. In other words, we were created to find our rest, joy, satisfaction, and delight primarily in the Creator, not the creation. This is the blessing of creation: we were meant to find our satisfaction in God. But our experience affirms the curse. Our GPS is broken. We seek satisfaction in what God has made instead of God himself. The creation simply can’t bear the freight of your contentment. Inverting the Creator and creature distinction is not only bad theology; it’s also a recipe for a lifetime of discontentment.”

The Most Daunting Place For a Missionary Kid

Where’s the most daunting place for a missionary kid? You might have guessed it. “The most daunting place for a missionary kid is their passport country, the country which is supposed to be their home.” This article explains why this is.

Leaders, Are You Stewarding Your Words Well?

“We live in a world with a vast and seemingly unlimited economy of words. There are more ways to communicate today than at any time in human history.“ With this amazing ability comes serious responsibility!

Flashback: Angered At and Angry With

Sanctification is not only about putting to death those sins that so naturally spill out of me, those sinful behaviors I tend to initiate. It’s also about putting to death the sins that come roaring out when I’m sinned against.

In our anger, we think we see clearly—much clearer than most people. We are certain that we are right and just. All we see is our righteousness and someone else’s injustices done against us. —Ed Welch