A La Carte (June 21)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Before You Pack Up and Leave…)

Beneath Our Social-Justice Strife

Thaddeus Williams: “Many social-justice battles have reached a standoff. People are entrenched behind their respective influencers, waiting for them to hurl the next truth bomb at the other side. I’m not going to reenter the wearying fray surrounding critical race theory, systemic racism, white privilege, cultural Marxism, transgenderism, or other hot topics. … I want to get at what I believe to be a bedrock issue underneath those questions.”

What Is the Presbyterian and Reformed View of Baptism?

Those of us who are Baptists tend to find the Presbyterian/Reformed view of baptism very difficult to wrap our minds around. This article from Ligonier explains it well.

The Best Ten Minutes of My Week

Aimee Joseph celebrates the Lord’s Supper: “It may not seem like much to an outsider looking in. It definitely doesn’t start in a fancy manner. In fact, it starts with an early morning trip to a neighborhood grocery store. The receipt simply shows a loaf of fresh bread and a plastic jug of grape juice. But, even as I pour the juice into tiny plastic cups, I get excited for what will come.”

Puberty Positivity

“Have you ever reflected on how amazing puberty is? I’m not sure I ever had until someone encouraged me to do so recently. But think about it: we’ve been designed in such a way that in our second decade we go through a period of fast-tracked development through which we transition from being children to being adults. That’s pretty amazing.” This is particularly important at a time when so many see puberty as an enemy…

How Are We Doing on This, Evangelicals?

“Which are you more likely to hear an evangelical talk about on social media these days—the culture wars or the glorious privilege of communion and fellowship with the triune God?” Hmm. I think we know the answer to that, which is why we should probably revisit these words from Packer.

On Choosing Digital Tools and Why Churches Should Cancel Their Livestream

This is a long reflection on tools in general and digital tools in particular. “Tools are a decision. They come and we must decide to use them, adopt them, and for what purpose.”

Flashback: God Does Not Owe Us a Happy Ending

It is as natural as the sunrise to want to find meaning in our suffering and often we find it, or believe we find it, in a happy ending…But sometimes–oftentimes–the answers are not so readily apparent.

The reason the Lord holds you to the fire is not to punish you, but to reveal the splendor of Christ through your life. It’s not so that you might earn God’s favor; it’s because you’ve already received God’s favor. —Mary Kassian