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(Yesterday on the blog: How John MacArthur began (and Ended) His 42-Year Journey)

When Flesh and Heart Fail: Why Believers Should Consider Advance Directives

“In December 2017, Stand to Reason (STR) cofounder Melinda Penner suffered severe traumatic brain injury following an accident. In the months since the tragedy, STR staff have urged believers to pray for their beloved colleague, whose wit and theological insight have been instrumental to their ministry. A gifted apologist who for years has dedicated her talents to defending the faith, Melinda now struggles to move and speak. The need for prayer is ongoing and crucial. Even while she fights to recover, Melinda continues to bear witness to the gospel.” She helpfully illustrates the importance of advance directives.

When Your Son Needs Fatherly Approval

Here is some sound advice that fathers would do well to heed.

Fences and Fellowship

“We should work toward fellowship when we share the common goal of God’s glory, even though doctrinal disagreements exist. We know where the line is, so instead of spending our time determining who needs to rake the leaves, we can focus on the things that unite us. With all sincerity and love, we should be able to say to other brothers and sisters in different, yet very similar churches and denominations, ‘We thank God in all our remembrance of you, always in every prayer for you all making our prayer with joy, because of our fellowship in the gospel of Jesus Christ’ (Philippians 1:3-5). No doubt, there are churches that are only churches in name, but there are others who are deeply committed to the things that matter. We don’t need to change what we believe to join together in meaningful ways to bring the gospel to our communities.”

Credo Magazine

There is a new issue of Credo magazine for you to read online. This issue focuses on the atonement.

A Reminder That God’s Provision Doesn’t Equal God’s Pleasure

“God wasn’t providing for the wilderness generation because he was pleased with them. In fact he loathed them. But he was providing for them because He is God and He is good. He’s still their Father. So he cares for them; and somehow I think He still loves them—even while He loathes them.”

An Encounter With a Mother-God Cult Evangelist

Jordan Standridge writes, “I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, it’s called the Mother-God cult. The official name is the World Mission Society Church of God. I’ve had my share of run-ins with them over the years. The Mother-God cult is a religion that started in South Korea, and now has more than 2.7 million members. I had a memorable conversation with one of these members that I wanted to share with you.”

The End of BibleWorks

Denny Burk laments the end of BibleWorks and encourages you to download it while you still can.

Flashback: Fast from Food, Not Facebook

“I am fasting from Facebook this year,” a friend told me. But biblically, we are to fast from food for this simple reason: Food is something we need, not merely something we want.

Even a brief reflection on the complexity, diversity, and beauty in creation should cause us to praise God for his power, wisdom, and understanding. —Wayne Grudem