A La Carte (March 2)

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If you’re in or near Canada and want to brush up on your preaching, a friend asked me to let you know about the Simeon Trust workshops in Calgary and Toronto.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Learning Lessons From Scandals Close to Home)

The Life and Death of an Ordinary Saint

I love ordinary saints.

An Open Statement of the Truth

Kevin DeYoung: “You may have wondered in recent days, ‘When did I become a bigot?’ Not that you are likely a bigot, but that the world now considers you one. Beliefs that used to be obvious—to Christians and to almost everyone else—are now called hate speech, while practices and spectacles that wouldn’t have been whispered in private have become public celebrations.”

Five things you may not know about Adam

CMI has an interesting one here. “Adam is one of the best-known people in the Bible. Despite this, most people only know a few basic facts about him. His connection to every person on the planet, and therefore our need for the Gospel, is outlined below, as are five things about Adam you may not have known before.”

The Scariest Thing Jesus Ever Said

“For some, the Bible is and should be a great comfort. For others, it is and should be deeply disturbing. Throughout the Bible, God heals with reassuring words of forgiveness, kindness, and welcome. Also throughout the Bible, God thunders with warnings meant to stir people toward repentance, restoration, and peace.” Scott Sauls explains.

There are an infinite number of wheels in God’s providence

There are indeed!

Kate Forbes Is Done (or Why an Orthodox Christian Can Never Lead a Western Political Party Again)

“Kate Forbes stands little chance of becoming the First Minister of Scotland. And this is due to her publicly stated religious beliefs.” Stephen McAlpine reflects on alarming (yet somehow not surprising) situation.

Flashback: When God Unfolds His Will in Pieces

When it comes to our lives, God chooses to unfold his will in bits, in steps, in phases. He chooses to unfold his will in real-time and not in advance. He chooses to unfold his will in such a way that we need to exercise faith.


No parent gives mercy better than one who is convinced that he desperately needs it himself. —Paul David Tripp