A La Carte (March 30)

Good morning! The God of peace be with you today.

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The Resurrection’s Higher Math

Jared Wilson reflects on Jesus’ answer to the Sadducees when they questioned him about the resurrection. “I love the way Jesus begins his answer not by answering but by asking. ‘Is this not the reason you are wrong… ?’ That’s what theologians call ‘bringing out the boom sauce.’ Essentially, what he is saying is that you can know the Bible and not know the Bible.”

What Does It Mean For God To “Give People Up” To Their Sin? (Video)

Here’s Sinclair Ferguson on what it means when God gives people up to their sin.

Why Blogging Died

Samuel James offers a compelling answer as to why blogging died (though I’d perhaps say it went into decline more than died). That said, I’m not convinced that Substack and email newsletters are more than a temporary alternative.

What Didn’t Christ Accomplish?

Here’s an interesting question: What did Christ not accomplish through his death and resurrection? John Piper answers.

How Unspeakably Solemn

Nick Batzig: “Our reflection on the final judgment is meant to lead us as sinners to see our need for Christ and the redemption He accomplished in His first coming into the world. It is faith in Christ that differentiates between those who will stand in the judgment and those who will not.”

Why You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It In The Church

“Whatever your view on the value and efficacy of the royal family, it isn’t hard to see why being both a royal and not a royal, enjoying the benefits without the obligations, is not a tenable position. Few of us can decide to quit work and yet still get paid and receive company benefits whilst pursuing commercial interests elsewhere. You are either in or out of the company. You either take your responsibilities seriously and receive whatever benefits come with them, or you leave your obligations behind along with the perks that go with them.” Stephen Kneale then applies this to the church…

How to Respond to the Problem of Evil (Video)

Greg Koukl offers a response to the problem of evil.

Flashback: Rule #2: Guard Against Worldliness (8 Rules for Growing in Godliness)

We can follow and obey the world, or we can follow and obey God, but we cannot serve two masters. Only one will own our heart, only one can claim our ultimate allegiance. That choice lies before us.

There is no death of sin without the death of Christ. —John Owen