A La Carte (March 8)

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What if The Foundation of Discernment is Hope and Not Suspicion?

If I had an article of the day, this would be it. “I think we’ve been getting discernment all wrong. In your mind is discernment synonymous with suspicion or more like a treasure hunter who tears up an island because he knows that it’s there? I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the foundation of discernment isn’t suspicion but hope.”

A Meditation on Strength and Weakness

Kevin DeYoung: “As Christians we know that weakness is good. But then, the Bible isn’t always down on strength either. So which is it? Should we try to grow, to mature, and to fan into flame the gifts we’ve been given? Or should we boast in all our limitations and failures?”

The Things I Am Not

“In a moment of harsh reality, I saw my life for what it really was. In that brief moment when the veneer of my existence was stripped away, I saw all the things I am not.” You will find this encouraging, I think.

Why Is It So Hard to Pray?

Burk Parsons reflects briefly on why prayer is so difficult. “If I thought for a second that my feeble prayers changed God’s mind and His perfect will, I would stop praying altogether. I’m sinful. I don’t know everything, and I can’t control everything. Yet because God is omniscient and omnipotent, and because He has our ultimate good and His glory in mind, we can trust Him.”

How Freight Trains Connect the World (Video)

I love interesting and informative videos like this one.

The Heart of the Matter

I began to really examine my—or rather, our practices. I started to hold up my heart and my own familiar patterns to scripture, and I quickly realized my scrolling habits were far more indicative of a woman enthralled with both my own online presence, and the seemingly glamorous lives of others, than with the gospel.”

Giving Up For Lent

Lent has already begun, but you’ll still find value, I think, in reading this meditation on fasting. “I used to think that fasting looks like a spiritual temper tantrum. A hunger strike until God does what you want. Other times I thought of it as a supercharger that we attach to prayers to make them go farther.”

Flashback: Young Christian: Set an Example

How are young Christians to live differently in their speech and conduct? How can they strive to live godly lives? Here’s my attempt to answer those questions.

So long as Jesus Christ is there, in heaven before God for us, our salvation will last. —Sinclair Ferguson