A La Carte (March 9)


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A Plea For Gospel Sanity in Missions – A couple of weeks ago I linked to part 1 in this series. Parts 2 and 3 are also worth reading.

Leave It To Beaver – Mary Kassian’s article is titled, “Leave It to Beaver, Sex and the City, and a Woman’s Happiness.”

Is There a Future? – Is there a future for the impossibly hopeless people in our communities? Mez McConnell answers the question.

4 Types of Sermons to Avoid – Derek Thomas provides the list.

Looking Forward to Heaven – TGC interviews Randy Alcorn about heaven. “What difference is heaven supposed to make in our lives now? Why do you think many Christians don’t look forward to heaven any more? What are some of the biggest misconceptions about heaven?”

The Gospel According to Pinterest – “Projects I will never tackle, recipes I will never cook, and homemade cleaning solutions I will never try – they all mocked me horrendously. Staring at all the amazing things other women are doing, I felt ashamed.”

Because of the gospel, I no longer live for approval; I live from approval. —Dave Harvey