A La Carte (May 17)

Today’s Kindle deals include rather slim pickings, but there are still a couple of new ones.

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Six Things to Know About God’s Wrath

“This theme of the wrath (or anger) of God toward sin and sinners is clearly and widely taught in the Bible. This truth is so interwoven with the hope of our peace with one another and with God that if we lose our grasp on the one, we lose our hope of the other.”

I Walked Away from the Love of My Life

“Obedience to God’s word truly offers a quality of life that far exceeds the cost of commitment. Denying myself the easy option of self-satisfaction has exposed the sin-infected attitudes and behaviours that are inherent in all who fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), and has driven me to find solace and solution in him.”

Why Every Graduation Plays the Same Song (Video)

You know exactly which song, don’t you? Here’s why.

How Real Books Have Trumped eBooks

I could be wrong (and actually hope I am), but I suspect it is just a temporary correction to see print books gain back market share against ebooks.

Pastoral Q & A — Labour Unions

I’ve seen very few people discuss labor unions from a Christian perspective. Here’s one pastor who offers his take.

Pastors, Spend Time with Non-Pastors

“Most pastors have a good desire to train up future pastors. We realize that one day, our ministry will end and we ought to prepare the next generation to take the gospel to the land we cannot go. This focus, however, can lead us to overemphasize pastoral training at the cost of training ‘normal guys.'”

Flashback: 7 Ways Parents Unfairly Provoke Our Children

There are times when we so provoke our children that anger is the fitting and inevitable response. Here I offer a few ways that we, as parents, may provoke our children to that kind of anger and discouragement.

Men who don’t lead their families to worship are typically not leading their families at all. —Burk Parsons