A La Carte (May 19)

There is once again a sale on some new kids’ books at Westminster Books.

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Today’s Kindle deals include one single solitary book.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Dead Seriousness of Careless Words)

The Blessing of Rest

“Because of the way I am wired I have always viewed rest as weakness and a colossal waste of my time. Why should I have to spend such a large chunk of every day doing nothing when there are books and articles to write, things to do, and people to see? From my skewed perspective, rest has always seemed like an impediment to keep me from accomplishing all the things that I have really wanted to do.”

Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

Here’s an article about being afraid of the dark—the darkness of discouragement and depression.

Vox Out Does Itself In Ignorance and Misogyny

Anne Kennedy is pretty unhappy with Vox. “Tragically, heretofore, society understood that babies coming into the world was so important that when women were going to have them, they really had to do that as the main thing for many years and couldn’t do anything else. Prevailing opinion thinks this was mysogyny, that ‘staying home’ with babies and young children was a terrible thing to do, and not gracious and life giving, and also the glue that kept a lot of society together.”

The Flood

“This is a poem about the joy of giving and looking beyond ourselves.”

Is “Be True to Yourself” Good Advice?

Brian Rosner: “Self-determination, rather than being a principle for nations at the end of the First World War, is now the responsibility of every individual. Self-definition is thus the culturally endorsed route to identity formation in our day. Today, we have a do-it-yourself self or a self-made self, which looks only inward to find itself. Academics call this expressive individualism.”

A Sentence to Bring Down Abortion

John Ensor writes about a single sentence that redirected his life.

Flashback: No Man Left Behind

As Christians, we are charged with caring for one another–the shepherds first and every church member after them. It brings all manner of joy, comfort and security when we affirm, and when we insist, that we will not leave even one person behind.

In the day of prosperity we have many refuges to resort to; in the day of adversity, only one. —Horatius Bonar