A La Carte (May 19)

I was so sorry to hear of the sudden death of Rev. Harry Reeder on Thursday. (See also this news story) Also in the realm of sad news, Tim Keller’s family just shared the news that he has been discharged from the hospital to receive hospice care at home. I’m sure we will all be in prayer for both families and churches.

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Today you’ll find a good discount at Westminster Books on a resource meant as a systematic theology for beginners.

I’m So Glad It’s You

This is such an encouraging article for those who are suffering.

Don’t Give Up Too Quickly

Erik Raymond reminds us that we cannot give up too quickly when we pray.

Get Acquainted with a Forgotten Treasure

Although William Burkitt is not well-known in our day, he was known and acclaimed in days past as an especially brilliant expositor and commentator. His Expository Notes, with Practical Observations, on the New Testament is being reprinted and Derek Thomas says, “Generations to come will now profit from his exceptionally good comments.” (Sponsored)

Did Hannah Manipulate God?

“‘God, if You get me out of this alive, I swear I’ll turn my life around. No more drinking. No more women. I’ll fly straight from now on, I promise.’ Meanwhile, bombs and grenades explode all around this terrified soldier, terrified for his life. You’re probably familiar with this movie trope in which the desperate protagonist tries to cut a deal with God in return for sparing his life. But it doesn’t happen just on the big screen…”

Is the NIV Missing Verses? (Video)

I enjoy Mark Ward’s growing collection of videos that take on common issues related to KJV-onlyism (which is not to be confused with a simple honor, respect, or preference for the KJV).

Abortion to Prevent Premature Death

Should it be morally permissible to abort your child if that child will die shortly after birth? That’s the question at the heart of this article.

Flashback: In the Name of Jesus

…when we obey him by uttering the precious phrase “In Jesus’ name,” far be it from us to do so lightly, to do so tritely, to do so without due honor, due worship, due reverence.

Often our friends…can sympathize with us when we are in trouble, but they have no power to deliver us from it. But Christ is almighty. He is never in the position of wishing He could help but not having the power to do so. —J.C. Ryle