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A La Carte (May 2)

A La Carte Thursday 1

The God of love and peace be with you today.

Westminster Books is offering a discount on two new books by the much-respected theologian Vern Poythress.

I added a heap of new Kindle deals yesterday and have a few new ones for today as well. We are spoiled!

(Yesterday on the blog: Climb a Mountain, Swim a Sea, Fight a Dragon)

How to Resist Content Anxiety

This may resonate with parents. “Almost every time I open up social media, I’m bombarded by parenting influencers telling me the best ways to care for my child. Apparently swaddling is bad now. Who knew?! I can’t scroll through my feed without being confronted by ads for must-have baby products that are “backed by research” and happen to be designed to perfectly fit an Instagram aesthetic. I didn’t realize even our burp cloths needed to be performance-ready for an online audience.”

How Much Power Does Satan Have? Is Satan Omnipresent? (Video)

How much power does Satan have? Is Satan omnipresent? Bruce Ware provides excellent answers to these questions and others.

Which Preacher Influences You the Most?

This was an unexpected yet thought-provoking answer to the question from Bill Farley.

The Path Away From Pornography

Chris Hutchison describes the path away from pornography. “Of all the things I get to do in ministry, few bring me more joy than helping men break free from pornography. I love seeing someone come alive as the stupor of sexual slavery loses its hold on them and they begin to live in the light.”

Grieving the Erasing of Friendship

Bryan Schneider grieves the contemporary erasing of friendship. He suggests some reasons why friendship has fallen on such hard times.

A Tribute to David Livingstone

Fittingly, this tribute to David Livingstone comes from someone who lives in Zambia, the country where Livingstone spent so much of his life (and where he ultimately died).

Flashback: Behind-the-Scenes: Christian Publishing

I’m familiar only with Christian books so will keep my comments focused on that small corner of a much larger industry. From my perspective, here’s a look at how Christian publishing works.

It is better to fail in the eyes of the world than to succeed without the Lord.

—Collin Hansen

  • A La Carte Thursday 1

    A La Carte (May 2)

    A La Carte: The path away from pornography / Grieving the erasing of friendship / Which preacher influences you the most? / How much power does Satan have? / How to resist content anxiety / Book and Kindle deals / and more.

  • Fight a Dragon

    Climb a Mountain, Swim a Sea, Fight a Dragon

    It fascinates me how the most beautiful thing can also be the most offensive thing. The world knows nothing more beautiful than grace, than favor that is undeserved, unmerited, and freely granted. Yet so often the world responds to grace with spite and anger, with revulsion and unbelief.

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    A La Carte (May 1)

    A La Carte: On church shopping and hopping / Alistair Begg on managing time / Three key questions to ask your Mormon friends / Remember the 4 “alls” of the Great Commission / Responding to CT’s cover story / Gospel audacity / Many Kindle deals / and more.

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    A La Carte (April 30)

    A La Carte: Warblers and the question of gratuitous beauty / Are parents to blame for prodigals? / The freebie round-up / Scripts for healthy masculinity / 5 traits of great spiritual leaders / Why daily bread is better / and more.

  • Why Christians Should Care About Good Writing

    This week the blog is sponsored by Zondervan Reflective, and the post is written by Jared C. Wilson. “It doesn’t really matter if I can ‘dress it up;’ I just have to have the facts right.” I’ve heard some variation of that sentiment a number of times over the years, more lately while teaching my…

  • The Great Man and the Local Church

    The Great Man and the Local Church

    There is a way of telling history that focuses on the impact of the few great figures that rise up in any generation. This “great man theory” says that history can best be understood when we focus on the dominant figures of the time. History, it says, turns on the actions, decisions, obsessions, and natural…