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A La Carte (May 2)

Today’s Kindle deals include four or five titles you can take a look at.

Westminster Books has lots of books on sale for Mother’s Day, including a new one by me (which I’ll tell more about soon). You may also enjoy Gospel Meditations for Mothers, new from Church Works.

(Yesterday on the blog: Ask Me Anything: Impactful Books & Financial Stewardship)

The Greatest Threats Facing The YRR Resurgence

Paul Carter gives his take on the biggest threat facing the Young Restless Reformed resurgence (or the New Calvinism, or whatever it’s called now).

What About Divorce and Abuse?

“Evangelicals have never been monolithic in their views about divorce. Some believe that the Bible disallows divorce altogether. Others believe that the Bible allows for divorce in certain situations (see Matt. 19 and 1 Cor. 7). There is no one view on divorce that has commanded the consensus of evangelicals.” Denny Burk explains and lays out a very reasonable and biblical view.

Christian Hospitality Is Radically Different from ‘Southern Hospitality’

This is an interview with Rosaria Butterfield about the power of Christian hospitality. It’s challenging!

Are You Really the Product?

“On March 21, at the height of the scandal over Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of Facebook user data for political targeting, CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted a quote that he attributed to the computer security expert Bruce Schneier: ‘Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re Facebook’s customer, you’re not – you’re the product. Its customers are the advertisers.’” Is that true? Well, kind of.

Private and Personal or Public and Ecclesial?

“God calls His people to be truth-loving and truth-speaking people–which is why it’s disheartening to see many self-professed Calvinistic and Reformed ministers downplay doctrinal teaching, preaching and transparency.” Indeed.

The Man Who Perfected the Laugh Track

“By the early ’50s, as the TV industry moved away from New York and into Hollywood, executives wanted to move away from the traditional approach of broadcasting what amounted to live stage shows. They wanted to shoot comedies on film, comedies that were not live but that still sounded live.The solution to this problem was the laugh track. And the person who came up with the solution was Charles Douglass.”

Should Pastors ‘Get Things Done’?

“Many of us pastor within the conflict of time. The age of pathological efficiency is the air we breathe. Something of our learned experiences has taught our hearts to resist the hours at the hospital, to use our time for something different from the repetitive and trying process of sanctification in others, and to hurry along through prayer so that we can empty our e-mail inbox. We fear the judgment of using our time inefficiently. You cannot prove your worth by your quiet prayers in secret.”

Flashback: The Least-Sung Song

When we stand and sing, we are not only singing to God, but are also singing for one another.

Missionaries are very human folks, just doing what they are asked. Simply a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody.

—Jim Elliot

  • A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

    A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

    God’s design for gender and sexuality is fixed and unchanging. The way he created us is the way he means for us to live. The instruction he provides in the Bible is all we need to understand his purpose and live it out in a way that honors and pleases him. The wisdom he provides…

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    A La Carte (July 19)

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    A La Carte (July 18)

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  • Protecting the Family Name

    Protecting the Family Name

    It is a conversation I had with my son-in-law while he was pursuing my daughter and expressing his interest in marrying her. It is a conversation I will need to have with a second son-in-law if the day comes when he expresses his interest in marrying my other daughter. It is a conversation about the…

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    A La Carte (July 17)

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    A La Carte (July 16)

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