A La Carte (May 30)

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If you didn’t check in yesterday, you’ll want to take a quick look at the updated list of Kindle deals for both yesterday and today.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Calm Will Be the Better)

7 Reasons Why Your Church Should Engage in Door-to-Door Evangelism

“Door-to-door evangelism tends to get a bad rap, and many Christians question its effectiveness. But in our experience, the people in our community have responded positively. At about half of the homes we visit, someone answers the door and a positive conversation ensues.” It’s hard to argue with that!

On Not Giving Up

Joe explains how pastoral ministry “seems to have changed from golf to hockey. Golf is hard, but it’s a game of technique. Improving your technique is the answer to most of your frustrations on the course. In hockey, you’ve got all the technique development challenges that go along with golf, but you also have to account for the reality that someone is trying to punch you in the face or check you into a wall at full speed.”

What is the difference between the Dutch Reformed view and the Lutheran view of baptism? (Video)

I don’t agree with either of these positions on baptism but do appreciate the way Dr. Godfrey distinguishes between them. Also, for Baptists like myself, this is a brief but helpful explanation of infant baptism: “Baptism comes to everyone baptized with the strong promise of God that God will save everyone who receives the promises of baptism in faith.”

Offerings at the Door of Eden?

Okay, so this may be conjecture, but it’s interesting to consider.

How to Pray at a Military Grave

“When we recently moved to Washington, DC, there was one tourist attraction on the top of my list to visit: Arlington National Cemetery. Eighteen years ago when I went for the first time, it was an interesting historic place. But as I prepared for my second visit nearly two decades later, it was different. Now I have friends buried there.” This leads to a helpful reflection on how (and how not) to pray at a military grave—or any other grave.

Reconstructing My Faith

“Ten years ago, I fled the only life I had ever known and escaped the abuse and control of the church where I grew up. For more than 25 years, my entire world revolved around church and what the leader told us to believe and how to live. Although we identified as an independent, fundamental, spirit-filled Baptist church, we had all the hallmarks of a cult. I never imagined that I would end up questioning everything and leaving it all behind.”

Flashback: Another Week in a Difficult and Hostile World

The people come to church each week weary and hungry, eager to be fed. And it is the task of the pastor to meet their need for spiritual sustenance, to equip them for their God-given duties, to feed them good food.

Why should the frail creature doubt the wisdom and the goodness of the strong Creator? Why should the child distrust the love and wisdom of the Father? —J.R. Miller