A La Carte (May 8)

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of books that are work a peek.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?)

Jesus and Joysticks: Why the Church Should Stop Making Fun of Video Gamers

“Church leaders could be insulting more than half of the homes in their congregation and community without even realizing it. That’s exactly what happens when you malign people simply because they play video games in their spare time.” Quite right.

If I Were 22 Again

John Piper talks about what he would do if he were able to zip back to when he was 22.

The Redistribution of Sex

This is a fascinating and potentially disturbing essay. “One lesson to be drawn from recent Western history might be this: Sometimes the extremists and radicals and weirdos see the world more clearly than the respectable and moderate and sane. All kinds of phenomena, starting as far back as the Iraq War and the crisis of the euro but accelerating in the age of populism, have made more sense in the light of analysis by reactionaries and radicals than as portrayed in the organs of establishment opinion.”

Guidelines for Conversations About Race in the Church

I appreciate this one. “Since the MLK50 conference, T4G, and the flurry of tweets, blog posts, and rants exploded onto the internet, I’ve noticed a distinct fervor in the conversation surrounding race and the Church (especially in reformed spheres). We seem to need some guidelines to make these conversations fruitful rather than frustrating. We’re failing to demonstrate fundamental unity, clarity, or brotherly love. It’s coming from the ‘famous’ pastors and the ‘every day’ pastors, from those of us with many Twitter followers, and those of us with fifty.”

The Longest Straight Line Land And Sea Route

Put this one down as interesting information that isn’t particularly useful.

What the Word of God Says About the Word of God, Book by Book

Jared Wilson writes, “What God says about his word is a deep, complex, and staggering thing. And each book of the written word testifies to the wonder of his revelation. I decided to take a look, book by book, selecting a representative passage from each to highlight many of the things God’s word says about God’s words.”

10 Things You Should Know about the Second Coming of Christ

Just like the title says, here are some things you should know about Christ’s return. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for that day!

Flashback: Drinking It Straight

It has been many years since that first cup of coffee and I love it more than ever. I still drink it straight-up black. And more than ever I am committed to the straight-up Word of God, to never diluting it, and to never adding anything to it. It’s absolutely perfect and downright delicious just the way it is.

Pastors, we must determine to give the world what it needs and we must never cater to what it wants. —H.B. Charles Jr.