A La Carte (November 10)

Today’s Kindle deals include quite a lot of titles that range from new guys to the older guys.

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Do You Sleep Less Than Jesus?

“Of his thirty-plus years dwelling here bodily, God himself spent roughly one-third of that time asleep. He not only ate, drank, cried, and celebrated, like every other human, but he also became tired, ‘wearied as he was from his journey’ (John 4:6), just as we become tired and weary. And it was no sin, fault, or failing in the God-man that he became tired. It was human.”

Did the Apostle Paul Really Write All His Letters?(Video)

Dr. Thomas Schreiner answers, “Did the Apostle Paul really write all his letters?” His answer probably won’t surprise you.

From Matilda to Eleven, These Actors Found Fame But Risk Losing Their Childhood

This isn’t easy to read but is important, I think. “To enter show business, a space that skews much older than they are, children are often forced into artificial personas that skew the same way—the price of entry, in other words, is their childhood.” This is just one more thing for Christians to consider as we examine our relationship to Hollywood.

Biblical Counseling Videos 

Here are a couple of helpful videos on biblical counselling by David Murray.

The Men Who Make Tetzel Look Tame

“Have you ever been conned? Most of us have, to varying degrees, experienced the sense of violation at being ripped off or extorted. Even more egregious are the actions of those who swindle people in God’s name—breaking the fourth commandment—blasphemy—in their efforts to break the eighth—theft.”

Physics Marble Track (Video)

Here is some homemade science with Bruce Yeany. I wish my science teachers had done stuff like this…

Wildlife Comedy

Here are the best entries in this year’s wildlife comedy photography contest. Just try not to laugh…

TGC Canada National Conference

On October 29–31, 2018 TGC Canada will host its first national conference in Mississauga (ON). Save the date!

Flashback: Set an Example in Your Purity

The Bible never allows youth to be an excuse for sexual impurity or for any other lack of holiness.

One single soul saved shall outlive and outweigh all the kingdoms of the world. —J.C. Ryle