A La Carte (November 12)

There’s the usual list of Kindle deals to at least glance at today.

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Amazon has quite a lot of board games and other toys on sale today.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Husband’s Perspective on a Postpartum Body)

Honoring “Grandma Taylor” – Living Veteran of World War II

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Grandma Taylor, a living veteran of World War II. “97-year-old Marilyn Taylor is a veteran through and through. She is Mom to us and Grandma to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Neighbors, church members, and friends call her ‘Grandma Taylor.'”


“Weeds never quit. They sprout on the edges and in the thick of things. I pull them out. Easily. Their small roots dangling with dirt. Then I cast them aside in the trash. The next day, coming back from my walk, I check the state of the yard. Weeds. More of them. They are relentless. Through drought and flood. In season and out of season. Crowding out the chosen plants.”

Common Misconceptions About Islam

Afshin Ziafat covers some common misconceptions about Islam. “Unfortunately, many Christians are apprehensive about engaging a relationship or even a conversation with Muslims. Some have a misperception that Muslims will not be friendly. Others are gripped with the fear of potentially offending Muslims by committing a cultural faux pas. Essentially, many are overcome by the fear of the unknown. I want to shed light on some common misconceptions that hinder Christians from reaching out to Muslims with the saving truth of Christ.”

How Google And Gmail Dominated Consumer Email (Video)

It’s amazing how quickly and how thoroughly Google came to dominate consumer email. This video explains how and why it happened.

How to Pray for Your Pastor

Here’s some guidance on praying for your pastor.

Should I Give or Get Out of Debt?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times. I think Chuck Bentley does a good job of answering it in this article.

Redeeming Productivity

I was recently a guest on the Redeeming Productivity podcast. You may enjoy listening in as we discuss what we hope is a uniquely Christian perspective on the subject.

Flashback: Theological Quizzes in PDF Format

A few weeks ago I began to share theological quizzes…Each quiz contains a question sheet followed by an answer key. You are free to copy, share, and print them as you see fit.

Loveliness, or holiness, or the fruit of the Spirit, or whatever we are going to call it, will not grow in us when we seek it directly. It is not fruit we should be seeking; it is Jesus. —Scott Sauls