A La Carte (November 14)

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Preaching Holiness Without Bashing Heads

“In preaching a biblical virtue like holiness, preachers can easily give the idea that we must all strive for it through sheer grit. People who are already burdened with moralistic tendencies invariably tie those virtues to an angry, transcendentally holy and demanding God, and unwittingly, we will jump through one hoop after another to try to please God.”

Hospitality is Not Homebound

“That’s a good thing. I agree–we should welcome others into our homes when we can. But, I also want to send a clear message to women like me, women who are rarely home, whose kids are in fifteen different activities after school, whose family generally eats at different times in different cars in different cities because that’s just the phase of life that we’re in: hospitality can happen literally anywhere.”

What Happened to the Hummer? (Video)

The Hummer was a strange and short-lived phenomenon, wasn’t it?

Were the Gospels Meant to Be Taken as Historical Testimony?

“How do we know if the testimonies preserved about Jesus in the New Testament Gospels were intended to be taken as descriptions of real events in the first place?” That’s an important question for any apologist.

What Is Sex?

I enjoyed reading Wyatt Graham as he thinks out loud and in public about issues like this. “I want to define something that at one level is quite simple yet at another level can be hard to grasp.”

How Do I Read Through the New Testament? (Video)

Dr. Thomas Keene of RTS answers the question and along the way offers some helpful counsel for reading the Bible.

Desire for Approval

Ed Welch has a short one on the desire for approval and how it can harm relationships.

Flashback: Don’t Waste Your Ambition

God loves your ambition—ambition taken captive by his Word to carry out his will. Your ambition is a gift. Use it. Use it under the protection of character and self-discipline. Use it for God’s glory.

God is the Watchman. God is the Guardian. He will never let anyone snatch you from him. The evil of others might touch you but not own you. —Ed Welch