A La Carte (November 18)

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Guerrilla Cultural Warfare

“Increasingly we are finding that Americans – and the rest of us following suit in the West – are isolating ourselves from viewpoints that we view as hostile to our own. We are bunkering down whether in reality or online (which is reality now anyway) with those with whom we agree, and delegitimising the humanity of the other side by refusing to look it in the eye. No longer breaking bread, but breaking fellowship.”

Preach with Kindness

Jared Wilson: “Recently I was guest preaching at a church, and a woman came up to me after the sermon and said to me, ‘You preach with such kindness.’ I have not been able to shake that remark ever since (and not just because it was a compliment!). It seemed significant to me for a couple of reasons.”

2020 Will Not Be Wasted

It’s encouraging to know that none of the bad things that have happened in 2020 will be wasted.

Every Parent Is A Sunday School Teacher Now

Speaking of 2020 not being wasted: “We’ve canceled Sunday school for this fall semester, and—truth be told—I’m kind of excited about it. Lest I’m mistaken (or one of the Sunday school teachers reads this), I want to be clear:  I believe in Sunday school. I believe it is one of the tools God has used in the life of our church to plant his Word into the souls of our church family. To be certain, our church elders fully intend to continue Sunday school in the future as a part of our discipleship trellis.” However…

God Has Been Good

I enjoyed reading this account. “Twenty-two years ago, I said no. But, God didn’t walk away. And God hasn’t left yet. He has been good, and I am forever grateful that God is more loving, gracious, kind, and generous than I understood on that cold, dark night in October of 1998.”

Church is Hard, So Keep Showing Up 

“Fellowship is the most difficult, because in order to hold services we must remain physically distant. Most people go home right away after the service. Conversation is hard. It is hard to know what to talk about except the ‘thing’ that made fellowshipping hard in the first place. And no one actually wants to talk about the “thing” that is on our minds all the time. I am weary, and some Sundays I really don’t want to go. I would rather push against the hard than embrace it.”

We Will Gather Together

“This song, about being with each other, is stuck in my head at a time when we are far apart. The song that set my foot tapping last year, has me weeping this year. Life is strange and twelve months can change a lot. But praise the Lord, still, some truths remain.”

Flashback: When God Put Down a Deposit

Just as God brought new life to our souls, he will bring new life to this planet. Just as he accomplished redemption in us, he will accomplish redemption in all of this universe.

Those who are full are not interested in food. In the same way, sinners who are satiated with their sin have no hunger for spiritual things. —John MacArthur