A La Carte (November 2)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: We Are All Cultists On the Inside)

The Reformation of English

This is a really interesting look at how William Tyndale’s Bible translation helped creation English as we know it.

What is Heaven Like?

“Many people view heaven as some kind of consolation prize for our sorrows here on earth, or as a nebulous default status we attain by being ‘good’ enough. In any case, it doesn’t usually sound like a fun place to spend eternity. Heaven is a place, yes – but it is so much more. It is a place for us. A home. Our home. An end to wondering where we belong, trying to fit in a world seemingly designed against us.”

30 Recommended Books for Reformed Thinkers

Explore church history, study biblical doctrine, or deepen your faith… here are 30 recommended reformed books from Zondervan Academic. (Sponsored Link)

Why Did God Make Me Unattractive?

John Piper takes on a difficult question here. “When I hear a question like this, it makes me groan, partly because I can count on three fingers, maybe less, the people who have ever called me ugly or handsome. In other words, I groan because I know I’m being asked to speak to a sorrow that I’ve never tasted.”

Matt Smethurst on Having a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Matt Smethurst discusses the way we relate to social media in this brief video.

How to Treat Fellow Christians

“The Bible says a lot about how to treat each other. Here, I organized a host of biblical commands that tell us how we should do so. Can you imagine what your church would be like if every member took these Scriptures to heart?”

The Hidden Gift of Spiritual Amnesia

“The truth is, we’re all victims of spiritual amnesia. How many times have you heard a sermon, read a devotional, sat in on Bible study, or received counsel from a friend in Christ, and thought to yourself, ‘I already knew this, but I had to be reminded of it yet again!’ You might have felt discouraged, surprised, or frustrated that you had forgotten. You might have thought, ‘Why am I always forgetting this about God?'”

Flashback: How To Lead and How To Follow

In the Golden Rule we get a glimpse of the world as it ought to be, a glimpse of the world as God made it to be—a world in which our foremost concern is love for others.

To use the sword of the Spirit effectually, we must be familiar with it, and have it often in our hands. —J.C. Ryle