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A La Carte (November 23)


Saturday’s funeral for my son was every bit as difficult as we would have expected, and the interment perhaps even more so. But God is good, and God is kind, and he has been a tremendous comfort to us. I’ll have more to say in the weeks to come, I’m sure, but this week am focusing on quality time with my family.

Today’s Kindle deals include several books that are worth a peek.

4 Ways Christians Can Navigate Cultural Confusion around Gender in the Coming Decade

Carl Trueman: “The question of transgender identity looks set to be significant for Christians both in matters of public life and pastoral care for the foreseeable future. The furor surrounding everything from school bathroom policies to women’s sports to the respective rights of parents and children guarantee its presence in politics. And the fact that more and more teens claim to experience gender dysphoria means that it is something upon which all churches and pastors would do well to reflect.”

A Tangled Web

And then, somewhat related, this is from Janie B. Cheaney. “For years, we’ve gazed with dismay at the phenomenon of the vanishing man—in family life, on the university campus, and in responsible positions (or in positions acting responsibly). Could it be that men no longer know how to be men? We should be asking that question about women.”

10 Issues the Gospel Solved in the Corinthian Church

Andy Naselli explains how the gospel was the solution to the problems in the Corinthian church.

Let’s Have Some Good News

Yes! Let’s have some good news…

A Restoration People

This one is short, but sweet. It begins this way: “‘The Repair Shop’ has been a surprise hit for BBC One. But perhaps it’s not so surprising. Restoration is a powerful idea.”

Why He Loves to Be Called Father

“In conversation, prayer, and even evangelism, many of us default to using two titles to refer to our Creator and Redeemer: God and Lord. We are not wrong to use these titles, of course — Scripture does so over and over again. But we might go astray if we slowly allow them to eclipse the names that God has so graciously revealed to us.”

The Government Says We Can’t Sing! What Should We Do? (A Forum)

What’s most interesting to me in this forum about singing during COVID is how good leaders can see things so differently. (As for us in Toronto, singing is not banned, but “strongly discouraged.” Meanwhile, gathering sizes have been trimmed to 10 as of today. So we have some thinking to do…)

Flashback: A Simple But Life-Changing Realization

You may not see your sin so completely and utterly vanquished that it never raises its ugly head again. But you can see massive, unbelievable success against that sin. You can, because God gives you a command. And where he gives a command, he also gives the means to obey.

If you find it hard to believe in God, I strongly advise you to begin your search not with philosophical questions…but with Jesus of Nazareth.

—John Stott

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  • Making Good Return

    Making Good Return

    I don’t think I am overstating the matter when I say that this has the potential to be one of the most important books you will read. It’s a book that may shape years of your life and transform the way you carry out one of the key roles God assigns to you…

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    A Whole Batch of New Books for Kids

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  • Tear Down Build Up

    It’s Easier to Tear Down than Build Up

    In my travels, I encountered a man whose work is demolition. When buildings are old and decrepit, or even when they just need to be removed to make way for others, his job is to destroy them and haul them away. New or old, big or small, plain or fancy—it makes no difference to him.…