A La Carte (November 23)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Helpful Things You Can Say to Grieving Parents)

Do We Really Want Everything That Technology Can Give Us?

Gene Veith asks, “Do we want technology that overrides our agency as human beings? That babysits us? That keeps us in line? My sense is that we want technology that extends what we can do. Not technology that imposes itself upon us, or that creates conditions that we have to submit to, or that goes against the grain of our humanness.”


Here’s a neat new video from the John 10:10 Project.

Eikon Fall 2021

CBMW has released a new edition of their journal Eikon. There are lots of good articles and reviews to read.

Does Mathematics = Western Imperialism?

Here, from Nancy Pearcy, is one of those articles from Eikon. She looks at the charge that math is a form of Western imperialism.


Just on time for Thanksgiving, Susan Lafferty reflects on gratitude. (See also Thankfulness Is God’s Will for You by Jonathan Landry Cruse.)

It’s Too Loud in Here

“Is it just my elderly thirtysomething ears, or is popular music significantly louder than it used to be? Even coffee shop music seems able to drown our my thinking nowadays, much less the thunderous synth beats that assault me while shopping or eating. Movie soundtracks feel turned up to 100. And it’s not just music. People seem louder than before.” Quite right!

Flashback: A Simple But Life-Changing Realization

You may not see your sin so completely and utterly vanquished that it never raises its ugly head again. But you can see massive, unbelievable success against that sin.

When you do relationships through the love of God, you learn over and over again that love has a lot less to do with feelings and a lot more to do with forgiveness. —Jared C. Wilson