A La Carte (November 25)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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Your Spouse Is God’s Creation

I enjoyed Paul Tripp’s reflection on marriage and, even more, on his call to accept and embrace your spouse as he or she is. “God created every aspect of your spouse’s personhood. He administrated every choice of hardwiring, tone of voice, innate personality, natural gifts, and whether he or she is mechanical, analytical, or relational. Neither you nor your spouse chose any of these qualities.”

Two Powerful Skills You Already Have

Seth Lewis writes prose and poetry about two powerful skills you already have.

Visual Theology Advent Resources

Advent starts in just two days! Grab the annual countdown poster from Visual Theology in either full color or a version you can color each day. And new for this year is a complete coloring book! For 29 days, you’ll follow the Christmas story as told in four distinct aspects of the Gospel. Both for kids and adults, start your Advent countdown today! Subscribe to their newsletter, and you’ll get the first week of coloring pages for free. (Sponsored)

Operation Pedestal: Two Lessons for The Contemporary Spiritual Battle From The Relief of Malta in 1942

John Stevens: “Two things struck me from the account of this audacious and costly operation that are relevant to gospel ministry in our current context.”

‘I Will Grieve but not Grumble, Mourn but not Murmur, Weep but not Whine’

I’m grateful to Christianity Today for running this interview in the December issue of their magazine.

African Christianity Thrived, Long Before White Men Arrived

“Over 685 million people in Africa are associated with Christianity in some way. But amongst this broad acceptance, there’s a murmuring that this ‘religion of the Colonists’ shouldn’t have a place on the continent anymore; that Christianity isn’t African.” The reality, though, is that African Christianity existed and thrived long before that time.

God’s Wrath

Alistair Roberts was asked to review a book about God’s wrath in the Old Testament and I enjoyed reading his thoughts on the subject.

Flashback: Oh, How I Love the Law!

If we don’t love the law and don’t want to do the law, we don’t love the God who gave the law. Do we love the law of God like David did? Do we treasure it as he treasured it?

Discontent never made a rough path smoother, a heavy burden lighter, a bitter cup less bitter, a dark way brighter, a sorrow less sore. —J.R. Miller