A La Carte (November 4)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Two Years Later: What Aileen Is Thankful For)

The Message of Hurricane Ian

“For with all of the advancements of man, for all our technology and knowledge, weather reminds us that we are small, frail, and weak. We cannot summon the sun to shine. We cannot tame the wind. We cannot command the rain to fall—or command it to stop falling. God can and does.”

Negative World Arrives in Australia

This is an interesting one from Jake Meador. “It didn’t take long, but we can now say that Aaron Renn and James Wood have been vindicated. Their recent analyses of our cultural moment and strategies for Christian cultural engagement have been proven right by recent events in Australia. I refer, here, to Andrew Thorburn and his rapid departure from a high-profile role at one of Australia’s most prestigious professional sporting clubs.”

New: R.C. Sproul’s Commentary on Galatians

When false teachers were creeping into churches and undermining the gospel, the Apostle Paul wrote an unyielding defense of God’s saving grace in Christ. This month, you can receive Galatians: An Expositional Commentary by R.C. Sproul, based on his sermons, for a donation of any amount in support of Ligonier Ministries. This new book guides us through Paul’s letter and encourages us to stand firm for the good news that we are justified by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. (Sponsored Link)

4 Questions about Headship and Head Coverings

Kevin DeYoung takes on a series of tricky questions about headship and head coverings.

I am enjoying Mark Ward’s lighthearted but still serious videos about the KJV (and, particularly, about KJV-onlyism).


This is a helpful reflection. “I’ve taken to walking in the hills below Birmingham for a few hours every month or so. I take myself off to the woods with a notebook, the Psalms, and a travel mug of coffee, and I go on a walk with Jesus. Which in less religious language means that I pray while I walk around and look at the beauty of the forest.”

Letter to a Young Convert

Wes Bredenhof shares a classic letter to a young convert.

Flashback: Four Key Principles of Repentance

While no sin is so small that it brings anything less than condemnation, there is no sin so great that it can bring damnation upon the believer. What a glorious truth, a glorious confidence!

The gospel does not just give purpose to life. The gospel is life itself. —Alistair Begg