A La Carte (October 1)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a couple of titles, something that’s unusual for the first of the month. But I just ran out of time to search; I’ll hope for better things tomorrow.

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Logos users will want to check out the free (and heavily discounted) books of the month—various key volumes from the works of Jonathan Edwards.

(Yesterday on the blog: When Jesus Says “Stay”)

Master’s Seminary Grad Preaches the Gospel at a Kanye West Concert

How strange is this? “The free show, whose tickets were gone a few minutes, was held at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre. After about thirty minutes of gospel music, it happened. My friend and fellow-graduate of the Master’s Seminary, pastor Adam Tyson, stood up to preach. What would you do if Kanye West asked you to preach at one of his shows? Pastor Adam stood up and boldly preached a fantastic sermon from Isaiah 6.”

Created to Clean Toilets

“When asked to serve, we tend to think, Why should I? And as we begin to process the question, we remind ourselves that we are already quite busy. Current commitments make this type of service unfeasible. But who isn’t busy? Seriously. Think about the last person who told you they weren’t busy. Everyone’s busy—or at least we think we are. It’s so easy to dismiss needs like this.”

Dear Lonely High School Student: Your People are Out There

It’s like this one was written for my girls. “High schooler, consider this your notification: there are students all over this world who are fully dedicated to loving Jesus through obedience. You aren’t alone, even though you may feel like it. Your people are out there, and when you find them, get ready for some of the greatest blessings that God gives. High school is so much shorter than it feels. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and be patient, always remembering that the road less traveled leads to true fulfillment.”

They Aren’t Heretics Because You Disagree With Them

Jared Wilson: “What I found was a list of various teachings or situations the compiler found problematic: a different view of women’s roles in the church, a different position on how the gifts of the Spirit are manifested today, friendship with—or sharing a platform with—people who teach wacky things. I will admit some of this raises my own eyebrow, and none of it is beyond biblical scrutiny, but in terms of proving a charge of false teaching, I should say I find these catalogs of alleged malfeasance a bit…lacking. And here’s why…”

Preacher Stay Positive!

Here’s some encouragement for preachers and evangelists.

A Basic Primer on Rights and Obligations

There’s interesting stuff to consider in this brief look at rights and obligations through the pen of John Frame.

Why and How We Started a Sunday Evening Service

I love this! “On the first Sunday of 2019, our church started a Sunday evening service. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we ‘resurrected’ it. Like many churches, our Sunday night service died a slow death years earlier. The funeral was over by the time I became pastor. For the next several years, most of us were content to keep it buried.”

Flashback: Why Does the Universe Look So Old?

Those, like me, who hold to a six-day understanding of creation have to face this question: Why does the universe look so old? Why does it look older than it actually is?

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