A La Carte (October 1)

As we begin a new month, it is as good a time as any to remember that right now, at this very moment, God is on his throne.

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(Yesterday on the blog: 10 New and Notable Christian Books for September 2021)

On Being a Normal Horse

Daniel uses C.S. Lewis to help him reflect on normalcy. “I wonder if my issues with self-pity stem from that same thinking too much of myself. When I fail to live up to my standards for myself, I come crashing down much like Bree. But, what if, I am just a normal person? A common sinner whom God has saved by His great grace? Someone not destined to reach that greatness on the horizon, but a normal life of faith and service to God instead?”

A Biblical Case for Deaconesses

Reformation21 is sharing a pair of “iron sharpening iron” articles about female deacons. The first is from Keith Kauffman and makes the case for deaconesses. “This is not an open and shut case, and there is room here for good disagreement done with charity in the Lord. I want to examine three primary paths of argument: first, by nature of the role itself; second, by exegetical argument from 1 Timothy 3; and third, by proof of biblical example.”

One-to-One Bible study

“What’s your ideal size for a Bible study? Your answers will likely widely vary; some prefer a small group of 5 or 6 people, some a group of 10-20. Recently I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how uniquely productive it’s been to go through a Bible study in a very small group—just one other person.”

I Can’t Get Over the Privilege

Darryl explains that “over thirty years in, I can’t get over the privilege of being a pastor.”

Encouragement for Troubled Teenagers

Conrad Mbewe shares some encouragement for troubled teenagers.

Lessons Learned at a Dowry/Engagement Party

I enjoyed Tamie’s look at a recent dowry party she attended. “Dowries in Tanzania have various meanings. They are always paid by the groom to the bride’s family but people are quick to clarify to us that it is not a bride price – it is a thank you to the bride’s family for raising her and investing in her, and a symbolic compensation as they are ‘losing’ her because she will be joining the groom’s family.”

How to Help Children Build a Healthy Body Image

Here are some tips for parents on an issue that seems especially prevalent in an Instagram world. “In a society overflowing with negative messages about physical appearance and personal worth, children’s body image is an urgent issue. Children need to know God made their bodies and made them special.”

Flashback: Two Habits of Successful Parents

“Many parents are reluctant and even resistant to asking advice about their parenting. While others can see blind spots, the parents themselves remain… blind to them.”

‘Delight yourself in the Lord’ . . . is a radical call to pursue your fullest satisfaction in all that God promises to be for you in Jesus. —John Piper