A La Carte (October 10)

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Logos has the Teach the Text commentary series discounted for a week. It’s a solid series with lots of especially good volumes.

(Yesterday on the blog: On Being an Inflatable Tank)

The Lure of Androgyny

Androgyny is in, and this article attempts to get to the bottom of it. “Here’s one thesis: The new androgyny is not incidental to the collapse of family and community. To the contrary, the new androgyny is being driven by the collapse of family and community.”

Surprisingly Useful Advice on Friendship

Just like the title says…

Adultery or Rape?

Denny Burk takes a deep look at whether what happened between David and Bathsheba was adultery or rape. This is key: “In the Hebrew bible, the concept of coerced sexual relationships is not as wide and all embracing as the contemporary conception of rape. The Hebrew bible does not emphasize the role of psychological, emotional and political coercion in rape, instead it stresses the vital role of physical force or violence.” (Anne Kennedy comments as well.)

How IKEA Squeezes Money Out of Customers So Easily (Video)

They sure are good at it, aren’t they?

Brothers, We Are Like Mothers

Erik Raymond: “The Bible provides several similes and metaphors for ministry. Many familiar with the Bible would recall examples such as a shepherd, soldier, athlete, or a farmer (1 Peter 5:1-4; 2 Timothy 2:3-6). But, I wonder how many would immediately think of a nursing mother?”

When Trusting Your Husband Means Trusting God

For married ladies, our husbands are wonderful gifts to us, but we should never put them in the place of God or expect them to do what only God can do, or be who only God is. When I think about my husband, I see a handsome, tall guy with broad shoulders who lovingly carries, counsels, and leads our family. But behind him, there’s an infallible God who is completely trustworthy.”

Just Put Your Phone Away!

When it comes to church, here are some reasons you should think about putting your phone away. Unless you use it for your Bible, of course.

Flashback: 10 Reasons I’m Thankful To Be a Dad

Seeing God as Father challenges me to love like God loves, to parent like God parents. Seeing God as Father allows me to rest secure, knowing that my children have a bigger, better Father who will provide for their every need.

Sainthood is not a spiritual attainment, or even a recognition of such attainment. It is rather a state or status into which God brings every believer. All Christians are saints. —Jerry Bridges