A La Carte (October 18)

A La Carte is a daily collection of news, headlines, and curiosities from around the web. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s what we’ve got for today:

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Red Flags

Jamie Brown lists a few of the red flags a worship leader should watch out for.

Iain Murray and John MacArthur (Video)

Iain Murray and John MacArthur discuss reading in the ministry.

Why did the Reformation Succeed?

“Despite significant opposition, Protestant churches survived the era of their tumultuous birth and grew large to provide spiritual shade and sustenance for countless men, women and children. But how?”

#MeToo, But God

I appreciate Summer White’s perspective on the #MeToo phenomenon. (Also read Jen Oshman.)

Glory Thief

But quietly. Inwardly. Stealthily. I crave glory. It has many names: recognition, fame, influence, usefulness, and faithfulness. Almost any positive regard will do as camouflage for a glory thief. The more respectable the term, the better it cloaks from men what God sees perfectly.”

How to Translate John 3:16 “Literally” (Video)

Bill Mounce explains once again why it’s just not that helpful to speak of “literal” Bible translations.

The Secrets of Sleep

“Today, interns still work difficult hours, but the medical world’s opinions on sleep have changed. There’s a field of sleep science dedicated to the biology of repose. Sleep medicine has become a specialty, with fellowship training programs and clinics devoted to caring for those suffering from sleep disorders. And these disorders are not rare.”

Conquest of Canaan

Here’s a new Visual Theology infographic which helpfully displays the conquest of Canaan.

Flashback: Lay Aside Every Suitcase

If you’re on a plane that is broken and burning, the best thing you can do is lay aside every weight and every hindrance so you can focus on just getting to safety. And in a world that is broken and burning, it is even more important to lay aside every possible hindrance, to do it for the good of your own soul and the good of those around you.

Giving is a “grace” as it demonstrates that God has met your needs and that his grace has inclined you to give to others. —Kent Hughes