A La Carte (October 18)

It has been a great joy to be at the pastors’ conference for Fiel Ministries here in Brazil, but my part in it is just about done and I’ll be driving back to São Paulo today, then flying home tonight.

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Westminster Books has a deal on what they’re calling their “Small Group Book of the Year.”

(Yesterday on the blog: How We Worshipped on a Sunday Evening)

Do Calvinists Believe Myths That Justify Domestic Violence?

A new study says Calvinists are prone to believe ‘myths’ that may lead them to justify domestic violence. But is there evidence to support this claim?” Joe Carter takes a close look at it.

An Online Decency Moderator’s Advice: Blur Your Eyes

We are all thankful we don’t see the worst of human depravity on Facebook. Yet part of the reason we don’t is that Facebook employs an army of people to look at that stuff and remove it before we see it. That raises a host of really difficult moral issues.

Radioactive Boy Scout (Video)

This is a quirky story. “Think a teenager can’t build a nuclear breeder reactor without getting caught? Think again. David Hahn, aka the Radioactive Boy Scout, was able to easily collect radioactive and highly dangerous materials to experiment with nuclear energy. Just when you think the story can’t get crazier, it does.”

Seven Square Miles

Here are different photos of seven square miles from across the world. Fascinating!

Is Turning Off Your Notifications the Ultimate Productivity Hack?

It probably is just about this simple. “At the end of the day, notifications exploit our curiosity to get us to pick up our devices—even when it’s against our better judgment. Disabling them is another step toward getting technology working for you, rather than the other way around.”

Are You Becoming More or Less of an Encourager?

This is the famous don’t skip church verse but listen, we must remember that if we are going to enter into the Sunday morning assembly together, we must bring our encouragement hat with us. That’s what the people around us need, and that’s what we need. What’s fascinating about this verse is that our encouragement should increase as time goes on. The writer says that it should increase all the more as the day of the Lord’s return nears.”

The History Behind Ctrl+Alt+Del (Video)

It’s the key combination we all know. Here’s how it came to be. “We’ve only got one life to live, but thanks to three simple keystrokes, at least we can restart our PCs! This is the story of how one clever man created Control-Alt-Delete: a relatively tiny engineering tweak that changed IBM computers, and mortal existence as we know it.”

Flashback: Lay Aside Every Suitcase

In a world that is broken and burning, it is important to lay aside every possible hindrance, to do it for the good of your own soul and the good of those around you.

The seed of every sin known to man is in my heart. —Robert Murray McCheyne